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Newness, Hope and Promise: A Homily for 2019. Saturday's Inspiration 15

Updated on April 7, 2020
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Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.


“Every day must come to you as a new hope, a new promise, a new aspiration, a new energy, a new thrill and a new delight. Tomorrow will dawn and you have already seen thousands of days. If you think that tomorrow will be another day like those which you have already seen, then you will make no progress. You have to feel that tomorrow will be something absolutely new that you are going to create in your life.” -Sri Chinmoy

Each moment is new, each dawn is a virgin dawn. Life is a continuous process of self-transcendence and nothing stays the same. We too, are evolving all the time. We came down through the process of involution and are moving forward, sometimes marching, in the journey of evolution. This is a minute sample of how the great 13th century God-lover-poet Rumi sees it, a philosophy, which is in line with all those whom I salute with folded hands:

“A stone I died and rose again a plant;
A plant I died and rose an animal;
I died an animal and was born a man.
Why should I fear? What have I lost by death?”
Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi



Moving Forward with Hope and Promise

Hope, promise, yearning, vibrancy, newness and delight, are tied up with each moment. We feel uncomfortable with change, but we tend to enjoy its comforts, once we cast aside our fears and resentments … our deep-seated insecurities which we wish always to hold on to, in this familiar world in which we live.

Electronics was change not so long ago, avionics, industrialization, revolution … have all brought newness, some of which we embrace, like the Internet, cell phones, the airplane and travel, which has been made far easier. I’m so happy that I do not need a boat to go to Grenada or to write a letter to my friends there, which would still take about two weeks sometimes. This I can now do in 10 secs, perhaps, simply with the press of a button.

When we feel that each moment is new, we learn to see life in a new way … a different way. In fact, unless we are deeply involved in the process, it may be better to calm the mind and let it happen.

Arjuna was afraid to fight on the battlefield of Kurukshetra, but Sri Krishna told him that these people were already dead. Dead? His friends, cousins, other family members, great heroes, all dead? Yes! Arjuna was just the instrument to make it happen, as in the inner world, it was already done.

One day we will look back and see the Creator's hand in all that takes place … that certain things we fear now was meant to happen, that the Divine Intelligence in Its wisdom, is ever-transcending, precise, has already numbered even the very leaves of each tree and star … has prepared a plan for tomorrow and may even change it according to its Will and Consciousness.


Diligence in Oneness

So, we can surmise that the microcosm is part and parcel of the macrocosm … that these seemingly small or huge changes taking place in our lives are necessary and that we are meant to learn from them, to grow … to progress.

I have a friend who used to berate her past husband, saying lots of bad things about him, until another friend asked her what life was like when she got married. He wanted her to remember how beautiful it was and most importantly, that the choice was hers to make and had been made by her. She understood, realized that she was there to learn life-lessons and so afterwards she was able to move on.

What is necessary in life is to have a watchful eye, to remain awake, like the mother with a suckling babe, utilizing each dawn of wisdom for a higher or better cause. This will benefit the baby, of course, but never forget that it is paramount for the mother’s own growth.

We are all one in Spirit. You and I affect the world by the vibrations that we offer to the world. Offering joy, love, peace … will enhance that love and bliss in ourselves, while anger, resentment and bigotry will create opposing waves. The real miracle is that Saviours have kept coming for millennia to tell us this and we are still struggling to interpret the message.

So, let us rise with gratitude each new morn, striving to offer something new to the home, the flowers, the street, transportation and its difficulties … the workplace and its people … with numerous possibilities. This encourages us to work on ourselves, to move like Rumi did, from a stone to a vegetable, from the animal to human and from human to the divine …. the ever-transcending Energy/Spirit/Consciousness.

“If you can remember one particular day when you got the greatest joy and then try to go one step forward tomorrow. Tomorrow you can have more delight than you had, say, three years ago. Then, the day after tomorrow, remember that joy and try to go one more step ahead. From joy you can always have greater joy, greatest joy.” -Sri Chinmoy

Newness and Aspiration

Sri Chinmoy teaches that you can transcend yourself only by discovering and maintaining your joy. If you discover your previous joy and maintain it, then you will have the energy to go one more step. For this, capacity is needed to maintain your standard, as well as to march forward in the battlefield of life.

When we know that we are no longer sleeping, that we have taken the first step, then newness enters. From here we start walking, until we are able to run fast, faster, fastest. So, to think of our joy is the first step and by increasing this joy, we will get more aspiration, making a more serious promise to our inner selves and to the Higher Light within.

It is the roots of desire that binds us: ambition, greed, lust, fear and attachments … as such, bounded by lethargy, we do not take the first step, then the desire-life compels us to lie down and sleep with ignorance again.

“Every day you have to energise yourself to such an extent that you will feel new hope and new aspiration. If on a particular day there is no hope, then on that day you are dead. If on a particular day there is no promise, then you are worse than dead. If you want to live on earth, then you must have hope.”- Sri Chinmoy.

For hope, that song-bird of infinity to be nourished, we need to sow in a vast field. Guruji teaches that hope is the field and our promise is the seed. This promise is fueled by constant aspiration, which will eventually lead to inner or abiding satisfaction.

“Aspiration was there inside hope, aspiration is now inside promise and, one day, when the promise-seed germinates, you will get the fruits of your aspiration. That is Realisation: conscious, constant, inseparable oneness with the Supreme.” – Sri Chinmoy.

So, we see that at every moment one needs newness, for it is only then we can succeed and transcend ourselves. Once one has newness in thought, words and action, then only can transformation of nature take place, leading to a continuous self-transcending journey of Love.

We ought to treasure hope and promise in the Eternal Now, for it is with hope and promise that the message of Infinity can be fulfilled. -Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 1st December, 2018

Awakening The Inner Light

Wisdom from the Master

"There is no end to our realisation; there is no end to our manifestation. There is always something new to achieve or become. Those who do not live the life of the heart are like broken records...but if we are seekers, every day we have to make a new record, sing a new song, discover a new melody..." -Sri Chinmoy

Newness, Promise and Hope

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