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News Design of the Day: Anniston Star Offers Great Photos, News Design

Updated on August 19, 2009

The Anninston Star News Design (August 18, 2009)

The Anniston Star makes efficient use of photographs in its news design.
The Anniston Star makes efficient use of photographs in its news design.

Looking at Anniston Star's News Design

The hometown newspaper of Anniston, Ala., The Anniston Star offers its readers a window in which to look into the lives and issues of the city's 24,276 residents.

From city issues to Crimson Tide football, the front page news design of each issue of The Anniston Star and the stories in which they cover can be as diverse as the city itself.

When looking at Anniston's news design, my immediate reaction is pleasure in its use of photography and the simple, yet effective way in which the Star's graphic designers layout their stories.

While their news design is low key, very much like many community newspapers in the region, the story-telling photograph sells the newspaper, in my opinion. 

For example, the above-the-fold photo of a pavilion surrounded by a churning Destin, Fla. beach ahead of Tropical Storm Claudette captures the raw power of the storm many miles away in Alabama. (Credit, of course, to Mari Darr-Welch of the Associated Press).

Next, Star photographer Bill Wilson's photo of Creek Indian leaders meeting with the Anniston City Council conveys the possibilities of tension over a claim to Fort McClellan.

Finally, the use of a photograph with a man carrying a rifle to a Phoenix health care forum hosted by President Barack Obama makes me want to flip immediately to the Star's Nation section to read about the gun owners.

My favorite news design piece is the mini-headline jump which appears above the fold, screaming "POLL: CONCERN GROWING OVER HEALTH CARE."  Despite not having room for the important story, this news design element helps convey urgency and has certainly grasped my interest to read said story.

A very nice, low-key sidebar rounds out the Star's news design.  Most interesting is the way in which the Star actually posts the names of those remembered in the Obituaries on the front page.  While I've never seen this done, I think it provides a certain level of honor in memorium to those who died.

Overall, I think the Anniston Star provides a very positive news design experience for its readers.



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    • thefount profile image

      thefount 8 years ago from North Central Louisiana

      This was very helpful. Thank you!

    • meetbrandon profile image

      meetbrandon 8 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Thank you! I launched a new journey today to do a review of every newspaper's news design I can get my hands on every day from across the country. At that count, there are over 500! :) So stay tuned to my news design articles :)

    • Smireles profile image

      Sandra Mireles 8 years ago from Texas

      Nice review of the Anniston Star news design experience. Good job.