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News Releases To Help You Sell More Books and Gain More Readers

Updated on April 12, 2015

Just some of the things you need to do!

  • Market Yourself
  • Market Your Book
  • Gain Readership
  • Achieve Sales
  • Become an Authority
  • Become a Speaker

Is all this daunting, read on.

So you want to sell more books?

It is the same old story that I hear time and time again about authors who slave over their books for months and sometimes years, and when they are finally complete with the manuscript and they either get a publishing deal or self publish - they are then faced with marketing their own work. The truth is that even when you have your book complete, you have to be your pr agent, marketer and readership because the old adage of build it and they will come or write a book and you will make it - is truly gone.

How do you get the news out about your book?

You are the best person to talk about your book and to promote your work. No one is going to do this for you and even if you do manage to get a publishing deal, they will expect you to do most of the promotional work. In this day and age, the marketplace has changed, and if you as an author are not online then you can be sure that you are going to miss out on potentially thousands of sales.

However, it's not as easy as most people think and even if you have your own site, it may never be enough. For a start you have to optimize your site to ensure that people will find you. Most authors that i speak to have no clue about keyword research or search engine optimization, let alone how they research their own niche. They have a fantasy like belief that if they have a web presence, readers will fall into line. Reality check people! it is not going to happen like that no matter what all the guru's tell you. Nevertheless, there are some tips and tricks that you can utilize to ensure you get the best head start. Below we will look at a few of these and assume that you already have some sort of web presence.

Authors Learn From The Pro's


Optimize Your Website

Ok, so we have assumed that you already have a website and now we want to make sure that your site is optimized the way it should be and has a design that is conducive to good marketing.

You need to be aware of the keywords that readers search to find books in your genre and that is your first step. Then you will want to create some social media buzz using those keywords. This is going to help you get noticed. Blog tours are as far as i am concerned not as powerful as getting people to share your message on social media, and guess what! Google will love you for it.

Just ensure you target your right keywords and then move to creating your buzz online. Now get to some places like yahoo answers and Quora and answer those questions that relate to your niche, this is a sure way of getting your message about your book out there. Then consider your news release to create the quality back links to your site.

Use Video Marketing Within Your News Release

Video Marketing is one of the most powerful forms of advertising that you can have in order to sell your books. However, one has to add the correct and relevant keywords that help the video rank and for interested people to find the video. The biggest issue with authors today is that once the book is done, the find they do not understand the marketing aspects of promoting the books - especially online. Many authors that have videos still do not make many sales because no one is seeing the videos. Let's say you write a book on "How To Earn Your First Million," do you think that is what you will use for your keyword? Perhaps but you need to use many other long tail keywords in your video marketing like "get rich quick, earn passive income or become a 6 figure earner." All of these different keywords will attract various audiences that are searching for each individual aspect and the chances are - you will make more sales.

So utilize your videos and ensure that you have plenty keywords in there. This will help you rank your video high in the search results and you will be found far easier.

Promote Your News

  • Write A Newsworthy Release
  • Make it unique and interesting
  • Speak with emotion
  • Talk To Emotion

And lastly, enjoy the increase this will bring you in sales of your books.

Release Newsworthy Information

What you must ensure is that your news release is news worthy. There have been so many releases that are clearly written to sell the book, but here is a tip that will blow your mind. Remember that everything in life is governed by our emotions and so in order to sell your book or to increase your fanbase, you must speak to their emotions. The rest becomes easy, because when you tap into someone emotion, you are managing to to build a rapport with the person and they get to know you on a kind of personal level.

Seo for Authors

What Is More Important?

See results

Gain Backlinks

Now after this is all done and you are ready to publish your news release, perhaps the best thing to gain from your release is the power of the back-links it gives you. Why? you may ask. Well we all know that news releases give you exposure, but that exposure is short lived indeed and you will not necessarily get the right exposure. It is therefore more prudent to look at long term benefits that can last and continue giving. This is your high pr back-link that you gained from having your news release done in the first instance. This particular type of link will give you the link juice you need to get noticed on the search engines and to gain you a higher position. This is evergreen and as long as you play within google rules, you will stay there and you will have a consistent flow of targeted visitors.


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