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Newspapers In Kenya

Updated on October 24, 2011

There are established newspapers in Kenya and most people would agree that Kenyan newspapers are among the best newspapers in the African continent. There are daily as well as weekly editions of the Kenyan newspapers that are easily available in Nairobi where most of them are based and majority of the other towns in Kenya. The prices of the newspapers in Kenya are also not that much expensive meaning most people who want to catch up with the national, regional as well as international news, business and sports can purchase them without having to worry about cost. The price of purchasing a daily or weekly newspaper doesn’t go beyond shillings 40 or 50 which is equivalent to half a dollar in the current exchange rate.

In this article I will list and put into perspective the newspapers that can be found in Kenya which can also be read online at any time.

The Top 10 Newspapers In Kenya

1. Daily nation

The daily nation which is owned by the nation media group is undoubtedly the most popular newspaper in Kenya. Research carried out shows that 9 out of 10 people in Kenya read the daily nation as opposed to the other newspapers. The paper was first started in 1960 by the Aga Khan, three years before Kenya attained independence from Britain and has since developed into an authoritative, impartial, unbiased and independent newspaper which lives up to its slogan of “the truth”.

2. Business daily

The business daily is Kenyan daily business newspaper which is also owned by the nation media group. It covers the latest business and investment news in Kenya and across the African continent. The business daily newspaper targets the business community and you would rarely miss it on any corporate or business premises in Kenya and the neighboring countries of East Africa.

3. The east African

The east African is also owned and published by the nation media group. It is a weekly newspaper that covers many issues that happen across the eastern Africa region. It covers the latest news and happenings in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Sudan and Burundi. the east african website can be found at

4. The standard

The standard is a daily newspaper published and read in Kenya. It was started way back in 1902 as the east African standard but its name changed to The Standard in 2004. The standard newspaper is also widely read in Kenya and it offers some competition for the more popular daily nation. It is owned by the standard group which also owns the Kenya television network (KTN) and some other radio stations.

5. The star

The star newspaper is the latest entrant into the competitive but profitable Kenyan print media industry. It started in 2007 as the Nairobi star but has since changed its name to The Star after it went national. It is a daily newspaper which despite its late entry into the market continues to grow and eat into the market of the other newspapers. It covers the latest news, sports and business in Kenya on top of the gossip and opinion columns. It is owned by Radio Africa Group which also owns kiss TV and a number of English urban fm radio stations. You can read the star newspaper online by going to their website at

6. The people

The people newspaper is owned by mediamax Kenya limited which also owns k24 television. Renowned media personality Jeff Koinange is believed to be the majority shareholder in the company.

7. The citizen

The citizen is a weekly Kenyan political newspaper. Be it true or false remains to be seen but the paper covers weekly political news, analysis and gossip about Kenyan politics in general and the politicians.

8. The Kenya times

The Kenya times is owned by the former ruling party K.A.N.U. and is nowadays a shadow of its former self. It used to be a top newspaper in Kenya but has disintegrated after the introduction of multi party democracy in early 1990’s and defeat of kanu in the 2002 general election which was won by the opposition. Today only few people read the paper which is still in business despite its low popularity with the Kenyan print media readers.

9. Taifa leo

The Taifa Leo is the only Kiswahili newspaper in Kenya. It is owned and published by the nation media group and is targeted to the Swahili speaking people in Kenya and the larger east African region.

10. Coast week

The coast weekly newspaper is a weekly newspaper in Kenya that focuses on the coastal region of Kenya including the counties of Mombasa, lamu, kwale and malindi. It targets the country’s tourism industry and its players and covers tourism and entertainment news in the coast region of Kenya.


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