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Girl Of My Dream

Updated on June 22, 2011

She Is The One

On March 15, 1997 on a spring like day my friend Arthur Williams and me were walking the usual five blocks to school these five blocks had sights and sounds that we took for granted after hearing for so long. For instance, the smell of honeysuckle was present every step of our walk, the sight of the old number 25 firehouse boarded up and two competing service station on either side of the street. We passed all of this and more walking and discussing yesterday and today’s events. We passed these same people and place daily in an almost unconscious state, unless something out of the ordinary occurred. Only on this day, which happened to be a Friday, something special was about to happen other than the drill team’s performance in the center of the Thomas Jefferson High School football stadium later that evening.

Our ROTC drill team had practiced for week and our performance would be spectacular. We could see ourselves twirling weapons and responding to the commands of colonel Richard Bolt the commander of the ROTC drill team. The orders he gave were crisp and clear the crowd would respond with loud cheers. The spectators in the stadium would be on their feet in excitement this would be our greatest day of the year. Unknowingly, a pleasant distraction was about to appear on the horizon that would interfere with my thinking and our conversation. I was about to collide with the girl of my dreams Shirley Rosenthal this distraction is in my eyes a reproduction of Hathor.

Hathor is the Egyptian goddess of ancient times who personified beauty, music, love and motherhood. This Hathor is the goddess you see in the Tenth Commandments. Where the slave who melted down gold and made a golden calf to worship. Yes that is the goddess Hathor. This Hathor reproduction is one I want to know better. Then, the first period bell rang Arthur and I when to class but I could not stop thinking about my first encounter with a goddess I had heard of how people act when enchanted by goddess, however I never thought I would respond to a goddess in this way. Thirty minutes elapsed and I had not heard a single phrase of the instructor’s lecture. A slight tap on the shoulder from my friend indicated it was time to go. The entire day went like this until finally the day was over, the final bell rang and my friend and I were walking home with a similar conversation with the exception of Hathor the girl of my dreams. As our conversation progress I notice she was just ahead of us I started to walk slightly faster in order to catch up and hopefully have a conversation with her.

Unfortunately, a guy from the neighborhood walking swiftly towards her stopped and placed his arms around her prior to me making contact with her. I had heard of this guy, he had a reputation for being a tough guy. Tough guy or not he was interfering with someone I wanted to know intimately. What happen later is almost indescribable I was walking thinking about my next encounter with Shirley, when I accidentally bumped into Shirley's boyfriend. I found out through the gossip mill, he was not only the boyfriend but abusive an abusive one also. He had apparently heard I was in hot pursuit of Shirley so he decided to put a stop to it. Not knowing that it was not going to be an easy task. So, as we regrouped from the accident he began to spew all sorts of profane language. This was all it took to ignite my young male hormones. From this point on blood and blows were flying. This went on for I don't know how long, until someone came and broke us up.

Before I knew anything a security guard was asking questions. The usual type, who started it? What was is it all about? After the entire question had been answered we were dismissed and he went one way and I went another. News travels like wildfire. Later that afternoon I met with Arthur, he informed me that the tough guy was planning to ambush me on the following day but Arthur had given me news that would enable me to prepare for the ambush. After receiving the news my immediate thoughts were meeting and having lunch with the girl of my dreams. Several days passed before we would meet again this gave me time to heal from the first battle that she was barely knowledgeable of. Our second meeting took place in the cafeteria I walked over and introduced myself. My name is Michael Stone and she replied; my name is Shirley Rosenthal.

A description of Shirley Rosenthal is absolutely necessary: she was about five feet tall with seducing dark brown eyes, she had coal black hair in a single ponytail reaching to the center of her back, Shirley's soft skin is in state of permanent tan. Her weight is about 125 pounds. In today’s world she would look like a Christina Aguilera. After a closer view of her beauty and the enjoyable conversation we had. I was convinced we were made for each other. I only had one obstacle, her boyfriend. He was the tough guy, abusive and unfortunately in my direct path to Shirley

So I decided to go where I knew he would be, thereby catching him off guard. He was extremely surprised when I showed up on his turf unsupported. He did what you would expect screaming and yelling profane threats. I was not intimidated by his actions and the fight was on for the second and final time. My friend author arrived to watch my back and some of his friends showed up only to leave him there alone and embarrassed. When it was over Shirley and I became intimate and remain friends permanently. The day we became the item and the talk of the neighborhood was one of my proudest days. I had seen the girl of my dreams many time but we continue to miss each other. I guess you would say that all is well that ends well.

This certainly did end well. I finished school open a bakery business that became extremely popular with the kids on the way to and from school on that same street I had walked just a few years before. Shirley has an online website for battered women which is extremely popular. I can say we are pleased with the outcome. Oh by the way our house and business is located in the old firehouse Number 24.we have ample room for expansion Oh! I did tell you this was a dream ? The music in the video are include are expressive of the competitive spirit in the fictional story.

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I knew It Was Her

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    • Coolmon2009 profile image


      6 years ago from Texas, USA

      Interesting article, thanks for sharing.


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