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"Nicki" and "Thanks to Nicki" Book Reviews

Updated on August 7, 2014



"Nicki" Book Review

"Everyone needs help. And when people ask me for it, I like to give it if I can. I'm really a very helpful girl. But I have this problem: Even if I can't help, I just can't seem to make that sound, you know the one-when you put your tongue on the roof of your mouth and then open your lips like a circle ad say, "No.""

-Quote from the book "Nicki" by Ann Howard Creel

Nicki is a ten year old who lives with her parents and brother on a ranch in Colorado. Nicki has a hard time saying no to people. She agrees to do too much at once. The most challenging thing she agrees to do is to train a service dog her mom had previously planned on training but she is forced to ask Nicki to do it after she needs to be put on bedrest because she's carrying twins. Will Nicki succeed at learning to say no and to train Sprocket to be a service dog without growing too attached to him that she can't let him go?

This is a very well put together story that many young girls can relate to. Sometimes it is hard to say no when so many people expect so much out of you and young girls often take on too much at once. The story is also unique. This is the first book I have ever read that involved a girl training a service dog or anyone training a service dog for that matter. Girls who like animals, especially dogs, will love reading this book. I highly recommend this book to any young girls who enjoy stories about animals or are fans of American Girl books. Some similar books to this book are: "Shiloh" and "Sarah, Plain and Tall". Recommended ages: eight and up.

"Thanks to Nicki"


"Thanks to Nicki" Book Review

"Sprocket trotted into my room. He's the service dog I've been training, and by now I know how to read his face like letters on a page. It said to me, I want to jump on your bed. Right now!"

-Quote from "Thanks to Nicki" by Ann Howard Creel

Nicki has finished up training Sprocket and has made friends with a new girl at school named Kris. Will she be able to let Sprocket go to a new owner and balance out her new friendship with her old friendship with Becca? Her mom is also due to finally give birth to twins. How much more work will that mean for Nicki once they're born?

This book is even more enjoyable then the first one (although as a whole both books complete each other). Again it poses relatable issues for girls. Many girls are forced to choose between their friends if they don't get along, As a child I remember constantly having to deal with feuding girls over friendships. The part about training a service dog is not as relatable to many girls, though it is interesting to learn about and may make many more girls want to start training service dogs. I know it made me curious about doing it!

Girls who like animals and have dealt with friendship difficulties will like this book. I highly suggest girls should read this interesting book and book series from American Girl. Some similar books to this book are: "Because of Winn-Dixie" and "Hoot". Recommended ages: eight and up.

Which is your favorite in this American Girl book mini series?

Which is your favorite in this American Girl book mini series?

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Nicki doll


Nicki the Doll

As with all the American Girl books there is a doll of the main character Nicki available. Since Nicki was an American Girl of the year in 2007 she is discontinued at present. You can still purchase Nicki dolls and books on sites such as ebay or amazon though. Nicki the doll has curly sandy blonde hair, freckles, and blue eyes. She comes with a white shirt, a blue skirt with a flower embroidery, and a pair of boots. The Nicki doll also had accessories that are available still from some sites such as Sprocket the dog, other outfits, a horse, and riding gear. One issue with the doll is her hair gets easily uncurled and messy. With the help of the American Girl Doll Hair book you might be able to fix it or you can bring it into an American Girl store and an American Girl associate may be able to fix the doll's hair.

American Girl Nicki Doll Review


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