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Night Falls.

Updated on October 7, 2009

Night Falls.



Sunset burns the sky
into black as
Night falls
its weight presses me down
like a heavy quilt
soaking wet
I shiver
under the icy glare
of it's gazillion eyes
they all gleam
they have seen endless
creatures such as I
tread below
the fingernail moon
scratched by it's glow
madness can ensue
but I am composed
I study it's drape
blackness hides a lurking cat
size does matter
for if I were smaller
night fall would bring
my fall....
no cars no souls
they all slumber
sawing logs
now I understand the term
ghosts prowl
unseen they do not
want us to know
what waits
when night falls forever
they watch
and cherish our motions
our breathing,
they can no longer do
worms creep out
onto the drive
to get a little moonburn
wish it was that romantic
they actually crawl out
of wet soil
to avoid drowning in it
they leave the earth
that shelters them
in a smothering grasp
perhaps we do as well
when night falls
one last time
standing in my socks
and my bvd's
I make a poor philos-cipher
hell I can't even spell it right
but I know the night
it is an old friend
and a nemisis as well
it lurks just past sundown
and waits for me
to embrace it
in more then just poetic terms
I turn in wet socks
and enter the light
that shelters me under
the falls of night
my pillow calls me
feather soft
my blankets hold
warmer palces to visit
I climb the stairs
to heavenly rest
temporal at best


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