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Night Fight

Updated on May 25, 2017

Night fights

The battle rages on through quarrel after quarrel

Through turmoil

And misery and sorrow

The only thing that's still the same is the demons that come to play

They say as time goes on well heal

But when will these demons ever run

When will I ever be able to fully let my walls down

When will I ever be able call a women mom with out them leaving

When will I ever be able to walk out of the flames of My eternal damnation in my head

When will I be free of the weight of the world on my shoulders as if I'm Atlas

When will all the suffering and sorrow come to a final end

These are the questions that come to mind in the dead of night

But for the answers I do not know

For when I do not know either

Some day some time I will know but today is not that day


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