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Night Hope is.....

Updated on November 12, 2010

Night hope is??




Night hope is
that we climb up
as we sleep
to reach our dreams
where we dance
in never ever lands
in the wee hours
of sun-nombulance
until wheeeeeee slide
back down as
the sun goes up again
come morn

night hope
is a babies sigh
as the last notes
of your lullabies
fade to the soft
milk flavored snores
of all your
dreams made flesh
while your husband
grins impishly
in the next room
awaiting the coddling
you are both
long overdue
till son up

night hope is a
warm candle
in the window
of a shelter
on a cold
and snowy night
as a homeless man
with frozen toes
finds a soft bed
and heated brews
to carry him through
back to poverty
come mourn

night hope is
an inspiration
that drives you
from your bed
to the keyboard,
the pen,
or pencil
to jot,
ink in
or pound out your
fondest gatherings of
into something
that will make you proud
come dawn

night hope is a prayer
that soldiers whisper
as they bed down
in the sand
in far off desert lands
amidst enemies that would
slit their throats
comfort is found
in their God
along with the knowledge
that he will
either protect them
as they dream
or grant them Godspeed
to heavenly rewards
if all night hopes fall
to the snick of
a razor sharp blade
and another
statistic of sorrow
come mourn

There are many forms
of night hope,
yours has held steady
for twelve months
and many have basked
in the wisdom
it has shared
and the renderings
it has left in it's
many trails
across these pages
I wish you
twelve thousand more
months of nights of hope,
use what you can
and leave the rest
to any who may stumble
here hopeless in the night
to find peace.


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