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Night Of Passion

Updated on March 31, 2015

Brown skin, brown eyes,

Sweet lips for which I'd die.

A warm smile, irresistible skin,

Strong arms that I want to be in.

Heavenly face that I want to touch,

My heart aches because I need you too much.

Our eyes meet and two worlds collide,

I'll bring joy to yours if you bring love to mine.

This is where it begins, this is how it feels,

This is what love is, now I know it's real.

Open your heart and let me inside,

I promise that I'll never leave your side.

You touch my hand and goose bumps rise,

I know this won't be another lonely night.

You pull me closer and my body shakes,

To feel your breath upon my neck and your hands around my waist.

Our lips entwine and I can't do or say,

So I close my eyes to savour the taste.

Nothing can ruin this moment between you and I,

Nothing can break this bond that has been tied.

Take me now from this lonesome dread,

To the comforting warmth of your bed.

Twisted bed sheets, entangled emotions,

Two hearts that beat to the same motion.

Hands and kisses placed everywhere,

That sweet feeling of release lingers in the air.

Hours of passion with such a sweet close,

Started in our minds but has now begun to grow.

Wondering thoughts and curious questions,

Has now been answered with one night of passion.

One night of passion I'll never forget,

One night I know I'll never regret.

So here's a toast to the king in my life,

Finally I know I've got it right.


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    • Nicole Townsend profile image

      Nicole Townsend 2 years ago from Jamaica W.I

      Thank you so much ashlywrites! :-)

    • ashlywrites profile image

      Ashley 2 years ago from NJ, USA

      This was lovely!