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Nightime Pasture ..........poem

Updated on October 30, 2014

There are few places that I've ever been that affect
my soul as such a place
take me again to Montana
drop me from this race

Ride silently to the nighttime pastures
high on a overlook
and let me gaze upon the eastern front
to recall the trails I took

Montana montana montana
a place that time forgot to change
I whisper the name again and again
all my life I'd rearrange

I would never speak another word
except perhaps to myself
just let me gaze upon a mountain range from high
upon a granite shelf

Or ride silently to a nighttime pasture as the
wind whispers and reminisces
to remind me of an earthly heaven
to a place my soul still misses

Oh let me run towards the midnight sun
let my horse know we are but one
I'll not come back till I can follow this track
when finally my life is done

Lets drive the horses to the nighttime pastures
and sleep as one again
In the green grass in the wildflower pass
I have finally found my end


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