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Night Shade (A Poem)

Updated on October 4, 2008

Night Shade

I'm trying to find my way through the dark-

I'm hopeful.

Looking up at the hazy moon,

I am lost in the damp night.

The cloud from my breath is all I see-

Its distractingly soulful.

My mind plays tricks;

Something moves from the corner of my sight.

Its so still and quiet-

All I hear are my footsteps.

I should have never came alone,

I don't know what's out here.

I find myself praying in whispers;

I ask for penance.

I try to walk faster,

but my legs just don't want to move.

Usually, I don't fear the cover of night-

or the shape that the trees made.

But tonight is unsettling; different-

There's just a feeling I can't disprove.

Though now I've made it home safely;

I feel there somehow was a price that was paid.


Copyright 2008, StJames

All Rights Reserved.



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