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Night to Remember

Updated on November 21, 2015
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Silently a thought knocks my mind, the knock gets louder by the night, slowly I open the door to let it in as the story unfolds in words.

Beach at night
Beach at night | Source

It was a night to remember,

time stood still that moment

as high tide called out to moon.

Rocky waves hitting shores,

crashing over uneven boulders,

rushing forth to reach with love

endless sparkling silvery sands.

A hush draped the darkness

cloaking the empyreal realm,

while eternity stood witness

to a silhouette of two lovers.

Crushed in a warm embrace

their lips locked in a kiss,

soft as touch of a feather.

A dreamy daze of wonder,

as innocent eyes got drunk

with aphrodisiac of attraction.

Wild hearts pounding softly

in a tropical paradise of magic.

Yes, it was a night to remember!

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© 2015 Ankita Siddiqui

I value appreciation and criticism alike

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