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Updated on December 19, 2013

Strike me deep
Or strike me dead
Speak words of power
In purple and red
If the flame in my heart
Is a God in my head
Should I rip my veins open
Should out steam rise instead

There's a book of souls lain at my bedside
Where questions of heaven and hell reside
Some say that God's careless
Some say that he's dead
Why bring me visions when I have no tears to shed
Visions are pointless when you are dry as the dead

A fox in the vineyard gnawing at bones
Of sailors and heaven's black prince
In the ground growing cold
Light the fires of innocence between you and I
Like beautiful children that kiss in the night

Merciful brother
That breaks with me bread
Kingfisher men
With this ring you'll be wed
To the justice in hand
Even Jesus said
That the words that men write
Turn to the lies when they spread

They spade all the worms you can't make it end
Give back my wings then soon I will ascend
Out of this land of the living and the dead
If the hunger is in hand
Then the mouth will be fed

Maybe the waves of the world
Are like the waves of the sea
Is there danger in me or the path that I seek
Let she who deserves it go and carry the rose
My petals to Eros I loved you the most

Golden tree where I build my nest
Is it time to fly to this eternally rest
Like hammering stakes into the pagan breasts
Let these crucified sons receive our silent laments
Let these daughters take heart with their final breaths
And these crucified people will be the angels blessed
Let them sleep as the firelight dies down in the West


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