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Nightmares Still Unsaddled.

Updated on May 16, 2022
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Artist, actor, poet, teacher, songwriter & actor with 4,000 poems & almost 1,000 songs written, performed recorded & published on line.

Not My Flesh And Blood Sired For Another Futile War


It is way past time for war....No more!!!

Nightmares Still Unsaddled."

I find my fingers constantly, 
wearily, reaching for inspiration
to be pounded passionately
across the many keys 
before me
or ground out
in slashes of angsat 
chronicling the  leadaches 
of my pencils 
endlessly  searching 
but seldom finding 
ways to open enough 
souls to my hunger 
for changes to the world's
most terrible woes.

My soul is a stone tonight
cast into dark waters of despair
leaving ripples 
that note its passing.

The world wallows in the mire
of historical hysteria
reliving lessons unlearned.
each time war rears 
its hideously ugly head
they choose ground troops
over peace talks and diplomacy
while the daft leaders 
debate renewing the draft
to allow young flesh 
to swallow lead
and taste  foreign sands.
It starts with a dictator
with strong emphasis 
on dick
we need to simply use
a surgical strike
to castrate the problem
Just one skilled shooter
to remove the toxic head
dreaming of invasions
and one more if need be
to remove the next
and so  on and so on
who rises with the same intent.
until they get the point
preferably hollow points 
My great-Great grandfather
my great-Grandfather
my grandfather
and my father
as well as I
all served during 
times of war
some were necessary 
for the time
but others were no.

My twelve year old sleeps
a game boy on hold,
six years from the 
sacrifice of futility.

My extended family 
endured far too often
the smell of
jungle stench
bloody trenches
and rotting wounds
when night called them t
to shake the cobwebs 
of dreams,
long sealed in 
dust covered sea-bags..
Dog tags rattle on the collars
of my welsh Corgis near me,
like the nomenclature on an M-16.
I visit old friends
who are no longer at home
the place they fought for
they lie beneath beds of soil
gome forever.

There's a tiny cabin 
in Canada,
where refuge waits 
in lakeside splendor
for my flesh and blood 
still untouched by war.

But the patriot in 
me cries out
for America to 
come to its senses,
as a surge of blood
rushes through many 
other innocent ears,
women and children
left to puddle even now 
on Ukrainian .concrete.
death to any and 
all dictators before
they sink their greedy claws
Into more human flesh.
send them one at a time
 to a permanent tour in Hell.
and leave our precious youth
at home in peace.

© 2009 Matthew Frederick Blowers III


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