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Nighttime Blues

Updated on November 15, 2015

To be graced with his presence

The one who is lying beside me

Causes the vibrations of my soul to ignite

I am in the midst of an angel

An embodiment of virtue

A beauty that can only come from above

That no words could express

The perfection that is before me

Basked in sensual bliss

Until I woke from a deep slumber

I had mistaken dreams to be reality

Once I saw the neighboring pillow unoccupied

Once again I lie here alone in my bed

Heartbroken was I

Until I drift unto sleep

And be grace in his presence again


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    • kellmell72 profile image

      Kelli Nichols 2 years ago from Alabama

      Thank you

    • Oasil-Ul-Jannat profile image

      Oasil-Ul-Jannat 2 years ago from Khulna, Bangladesh

      Nice presentation!