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Nikea Johnson: The Hunt for the Future Treasure

Updated on February 7, 2020


Nikea Johnson: The hunt for the future treasure

By Esa Myllylä

It is present and in the middle of the middle Amazon jungle. Archaeologist Nikea Johnson and his faithful friend Apple Karlson. They are in the old jungle of the Amazon and there are snakes, spiders
and frogs that are so toxic that an ox can die from them. Big trees with vines and possible
some cannibals. It roams slowly so as not to disturb the nasty animals. Nikea he has found
proof that there is a temple nearby and it will contain the future treasure.

The biggest treasure in the world and everyone is waiting for the big news, who will find it first.

First everyone thought it was in Russia, but Nikea knew better and found the exact GPS
coordination to this extreme future treasure. They walk towards the coordinates they have.

They sees a light, something that shines like a mirror appears in the sun. They move slowly towards this light which is getting bigger and bigger.
Slowly they walk towards the object, again they hear a sound and see how the light disappears into the tree.
Apple: "Have you seen anything like it?"
Nikea: "No, but it's just a monkey with a glass bottle."
They both breathe out and in fact they held their breath, because they are so nervous. The redness was seen from the faces turned to normal.
They continued their hike and see a mountain, in that mountain there is a cave that looks like it
has been an old mine. They approach the old mine and see how old it is
beams that support the ceiling. Nikea produces a flashlight that is in shiny silver.
He looks at it and presses ON. He sees when the light inside the mine is becoming like day and
outside the mine will be night.
Apple: "Okay, what a weird flashlight?"
Nikea: "It's the new, take light give light flashlight."
Apple looks at the flashlight and presses the on / off button and sees how it is day outside and
dark inside the mine, on / off all the time and Nikea gets a little annoyed and shrugs off
the flashlight from Apple's hand. Slightly sour but still happy, they are pushing deeper into the mine.
Suddenly they see a square plate in the middle of the mine.
Nikea shouts :"STOP!"
They stop and Nikea thinks about scraping while fingering on his head.
Nikea gets an idea and finds a large stone nearby and rolls it across the plate.
Suddenly the plate with the big stone falls long down, yes, several miles down and finally they hear a faint Waters splash.
Apple says : "Yeah, lucky we didn't step on that plate."
Nikea nodded as a yes, skipping the square and waving to Apple
to jump over, he shakes with his legs because he is so scared, but finally he takes
his courage and take charge and jump over and land safely on other side.
Nikea: "But how can you be so scared, the hole is no bigger than a book."
Apple that was so scared could not answer, so scared he was.
Nikea waves with the left hand to follow him. They slowly crouch in the mine, for the roof is getting smaller and less. And finally, they must crawl forward. They see an opening a little further ahead.
They hurry up to the opening. They see a temple and how much gold it is on walls.

They see a large cardboard-like house in the middle of the large cave but it is made of gold.
But they don't know how to get down. They look around and suddenly they see the stairs left side.
Apple says: "Glad the stairs were here."
Nikea responds: "Yes."
With their speak less conversation, they continued down the stairs. They are approaching the last steps and looking around. They see a road that leads to a small bridge, which is also made of gold.

They don't care about all the gold and walk across the bridge. They stop in the middle and see one
stream of water in the middle, they see goldfish swim.
Nikea: "Beautiful, but we're not here to see this."
They walk across the bridge and arrive at the Gold House. They see a handle and Apple
he turns on it while trying to pull it out. The door opens, they crack the door so it
echoes throughout the temple. Nikea sees a box of gold. It is on a pedestal and it is
not so big. Like a small book but much thicker. Nikea rushes in and takes it Goldish
box and suddenly the whole mine start to shake. Nikea and Apple see the stones of gold
falling down. They rush out and run across the gold bridge, a large gold stone breaks down the first steps of the stairs and they must climb quickly. They are at the top and at the last second the stairs collapse.
They crawl as fast as they can. Nikea holds the golden box with one hand and crawls
with the hind legs and left arm. Now they can get up and Nikea skips the square hole. Nikea turns around and sees how Apple shakes his legs.
Nikea Shouts: "Jump, don't you see that tunnel is crashing!"
Nikea reaches out his left hand and grabs his hand at Apple, he pulls Apple over the little one
square hole. Apple breathes out and they run fast in the tunnel, at the same time the tunnel collapses
behind them. They look darker ahead. Nikea brings out the Flashlight and presses off.
Now they see lights ahead and they run fast in the dark tunnel and emerge from
opening and landing in the bushes a little further ahead. Nikea and Apple are completely dusty and they standing up while brushing the dust off the clothes. Nikea hears something. Sound like it
rings like a bell and someone taps on inside the golden box.
He hears how it is pounding harder and decides to open the box.
He wakes up on the couch, and hears the knocking and ringing on the door bell. He walks yawns to the door and opens it. There is a postman.
The postman says: "I have been here for 5 minutes now and have a package for you, please sign
this piece of paper. "
He signs the note and receives the package. He takes off the protective paper and sees a golden cardboard box.
He takes out a knife and gently opens it. He sees some pieces of wood, a small screen, cables
and a small keyboard and some screws.
He remembers and thinks, "Yes, it's the new IKEA mobile phone, Ikea Apple."
He follow the instructions and finally he completed the IKEA mobile phone and sees how it is with the wooden shell and remembers the dream he had and laughing so all the neighbors think he has gone crazy.

© 2020 Esa Myllylä


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