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Nikki Nettles

Updated on November 12, 2010

What is this?

It is a poem I wrote about a new friend of mine that I met online on the 20th of October 2010.  They though having a hard life are a truly wonderful person. They told me their life story (well the summed up version) and from hearing what they said and to see how they are now truly showed how strong of a person they are. This inspired me to write this poem as a metaphor for their life.

Nikki Nettles

All human heart when born are full of love and hope,

Life flows around like the motions of a skipping rope.

Some people’s hearts get trampled though….

Forcing them to shift through all the snow.



            Falling….. down upon the stones….

Through deluted waters of great unknowns….


She was born of great promise ignored

Up on many many demon held sword.


They tore her flesh of limb and even bone

But through all this she did grow.

She changed to survive their horrid land

Refusing their request to bury her head in sand.


This girl did grow horns and a long sexy tail,

With leather wings and claws- she was not going to fail


She became strong, and even mighty….

Too strong for them, yet in her heart hid Aphrodite,


Again and again this newly made demoness of torn…

They feared her golden heart and mind

And slowly….. this girl… she was forced to morn


Hidden away from others eyes,

In white walls like some kind of prize

She had despair but that grew to hope

Which washed off the demon grime as if soap…


From her reptile wings there was chance in the leather

She look with surprise and found… a feather…


More and more did do appear

Until it all did become clear…


This human forced demon was something new

It was as if her time was finally due.


She was an angel mightier than all

She stood now so very tall


This angel went to destroy all the snakes in the grass

Though she kept her horns and sexy tail… since they were kick ass.


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