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No Goodbye Tonight

Updated on June 22, 2022
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A knife does not cut as deep as an unrequited love because it bleeds in your heart forever. And only you can feel the pain.

He Loved with all his Heart.

As they walked he held her hand tenderly,

and often he stopped and kissed the inside

of her wrist---so softly his lips---touched feathery


He felt he was losing her, but he denied it with

all his might.

His eyes caressed her face shining with love,

Her beauty was God given from above.

His green eyes could scintillate with love and


Or flash with enflamed anger with precipitous


He knew his love for her was greater,

And his passion lately excelled hers

but he was not a berater.

A Man and Woman in Love
A Man and Woman in Love

He turned her face--- towards him,

and saw the tears in her sapphire eyes,

And he wondered----why she cries?

He wanted her love—not her tears---and his

own pain was heard in his voice,

However, he had to ask her----he had no choice.

He asked with the love of a fraught man,

“What is wrong my Darling, what has made you so sad?” “Please tell me my Sweetheart, so I can make you glad.”

She scrutinized his face for the effect of her words,

And when she finished---she wasn’t confident he heard.

For not a word came from him—as he stared into her


Never a blink did he make, as his green eyes cried.

“I cannot tell you goodbye—tonight---

whatever I did—my love—I will make it right.”

“No!” she said loudly, “I love another,

and I am so sorry to tell you, but what else can I do---it is your brother.”

He sat on the park bench long after she'd walked away,

He knew he would never feel the same again after this day.

He sat in the Park on his Bench
He sat in the Park on his Bench

Many Years Later in th Park

Many years later---in freezing weather in the park----on a bench,

Sat an old man feeding the squirrels and birds, he watched the birds as they took a bath in the---cold water-filled trench.

His hair was white and his green eyes were now faded with age,

With his newspaper folded neatly beside him---he had read every page.

His niece was getting married today,

He had never seen her---because many years ago—he had gone away.

But he stared at her picture---a duplicate of her mother,

And for him---- there had been no other.

The stars shone brightly in the dark sky,

Until, the snowflakes began to fall, gently at first, then the silence became a roar, and the snow came faster and heavier than he could ever recall.

He did not move, and sat there letting the snow cover him, until you could not see him no more,

And all around him was a white blanket floor.

All the family stood around on the hard frozen

ground, there stood nieces and nephews who knew

him not,

His brother and wife with stood with others on his plot.

Lavender Roses covered the coffin, as the icy air—

seem to settle around the coffin, to slowly freeze the roses with gentle care.

The brother who had wronged him cried unashamed,

And the woman who had left him---herself she blamed.

She thought of him often all through the years,

Her memory of their once love---brought her many tears.

She opened his Family Bible” as they left the grave,

and a letter fell out---written on the envelope was

her name---engrave in red,

I hope you do not read this until I am dead.

My Darling he wrote---to you---whom I have loved

---it is not your fault,

How can one accuse the heart for what it feels

---I criticize you naught.

Months later the--- green lush grass had grown over

---- the dirt and clay,

Accented by the lovely flowers who someone placed

on his grave----each day.

During the daytime if no one is near,

His birds and squirrels that he had fed---

sit upon his tombstone to sing and chatter

throughout the daytime without fear.

Men Only Please--Answer the Question

Have you ever loved a woman like the man in the poem--minus dying in the snow?

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This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2012 Barbara Purvis Hunter


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