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No Kindle device? No US Address? Don't Worry, You Can Still Read Kindle Books

Updated on August 22, 2010

For those who live outside the US, buying paper books from Amazon is expensive due to the shipping cost, import duty, and taxes. A few years ago they created kindle, a device which enables us to purchase ebooks which are normally cheaper than paper books. We had to own a kindle device to purchase kindle books. While a kindle device is much cheaper nowadays than it used to be, for some people living outside the US, a kindle device is still a little pricey due to import duty and taxes.

Now it doesn’t really matter anymore. You can read kindle books anywhere in the world without a kindle device, even if you don’t live in US. Here’s how you can do it.

1.      Open your web browser and go to Make a new amazon account with a new email and US address. You can use your friend’s address in the US or you can google it and use any US address you like. Make sure the zip code is correct (Mine is 90210 ;) ).

2. Sign in to the account you have just created. Search for "Kindle for PC application".

3.      Download the free Kindle software application and install it on your computer. The link won’t be available if you didn’t use US address to sign-up.

4.      Open your existing amazon account (with your current credit card billing address or open a new account if you don’t have one), purchase amazon gift cards and send it to your US based amazon account.

5.      Open Kindle for PC application and you will be asked to register. Simply fill the form with your US based amazon account login details. Once you’ve done that, on the upper right corner, click on “Shop in Kindle store” to get books from Amazon Kindle Store.

6.      You will be taken to shopping page. Choose the Kindle book you want. Before clicking on “Buy now with 1-Click” button, in the deliver to drop down menu, choose deliver to Kindle for PC.

Note: To activate the “Buy now with 1-Click” button, go to your account, click on manage address and 1-Click settings, and turn 1-Click on.

6.      At the payment page, enter your gift card code to redeem it. The code was sent to the email you have on your US based amazon account.

7.      Go back to your Kindle for PC application, click refresh button and you will see the ebook you purchased in the archived items. Click on it to begin downloading.

8.      Enjoy reading your ebook. If you decide to purchase a kindle device in the future, you can register your kindle device to your existing amazon account so that you can read the books you have purchased.You can even sync your Blackberry, Iphone, Ipad, etc to your amazon account.

Important Note

Hide your IP whenever you purchase kindle books from your US based amazon account. I use hotspotshield since it's free.


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