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No Tears Left to Cry

Updated on February 19, 2013

No Tears Left to cry

l guess you left me,

Without saying good-bye

l guess you lied to me,

To say that you would love me,

Like no other guy.

This Christmas is going be a lonely one,

Without the guy who called me his own,

You broke my heart than left and ran,

Now l lie my head upon my bed,

This poem l hope will be read,

My tear roll down a hill,

Until they finally meet a steam,

Its flows and it washes away that once was a lovely dream,

It cools my heart of the love that we once had,

Hoping that it would heal my broken heart,

The love and flow is frozen with snow and ice,

And stand still within the time,

My tears they now drip of icicles, drop by drop

They slowly melt, to join the stream again,

To remember the love that once was and now no more,

As you no longer knock upon my door,

The warm sun slowly dries those tears,

I feel some warmth for a little while,

Until they finally evaporate towards the clouds,

To the lonely neither region

You showed me that once existed,

When once you wooed me to its doors,

Now l have no tears left to cry,

You left me here to die,

So you don’t have to wipe them no more,

As they have evaporate and dried

And blown away with and amongst the other clouds.


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