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No Vision of Sugarplums

Updated on May 11, 2012

A visit to hell

A man lay sick that day in bed
With visions of darkness in his head
He served Satan even though he didn't know
But The Lord showed him in his heart the way that he should go
He saw that he was in hell and Satan was there too
He couldn't see Jesus though only his shoes
As he walked through hell blood parted to the sides
And Jesus walked up to him and they looked to the other side
The Lord took him by the hand and they floated across the chasim
The keys of death were over there and Satan's the one that had them
Jesus took the keys away from Satan then the man looked up
As he looked he saw the top of hell open up
When he woke he still saw the vision in his room
It was then that he reilized that this would be his doom
He made a choice on that day to make a brand new start
He got well and asked The Lord to come inside his heart


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