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No cure- Poem

Updated on February 14, 2017

No cure

With all these thoughts inside my head

All I can feel is guilt

I shouldn’t put you through this

I shouldn’t be here

I shouldn’t be anywhere

After all

I am little more than a monster

A beast in the form of man

A terrible being you cant imagine

But what’s done in the dark you will never know

So what’s the harm in just waiting

Maybe I can get away with it a little longer

Maybe I can be your friend

While still being this monster

Because I cant seem to change

All these thoughts sadness, loneliness and sorrow

Things I wish I didn’t have

I thought with you it would be gone

And maybe it is

But when we are apart it all comes flooding back

But see its all the worse because I know

If you knew you would feel the same

Guilt and sadness

Fearing it is you that causes these terrible things

But no

I cannot help what I am

And at best you are a treatment

But there is no cure


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