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No Different Is Too Different

Updated on March 13, 2016

Our Differences In The World

Stereotyping of the world
Stereotyping of the world

Let me ask you, what are some of the major and common differences in the world?

Top 10 differences in the world:
1) Races
2) Religion
3) Gender
4) Languages
5) Facial features
6) Culture
7) Sexual orientation
8) Socioeconomic status
9) Upbringing
10) Livelihood

How much different exactly are we with another person in another country? Answer? We are no different, all the same.

The difference is all in your mind. According to the concept from Social Psychology, there are these categories, ingroup and outgroup. This is how discrimination, racism, prejudice and inequality come along. We have our own stereotypes to other people other than ourselves. We group them in order for us to simplify things in our mind, however, this simplification is actually the root of all complications.


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