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No such thing as luck

Updated on November 27, 2013

As Human as we are we cherish the great times we live each day. Everyday we live is a lesson learned, every moment we breathe is a will, a testament to what we know. Each day we want to cherish forever, every hour, every minute, every second. But what if all these moments had not been made by you, but only pure, luck? What if all you worked for your entire life was not fully controlled by you? What if natural selection is a lie, and that we humans are just lucky to be here, replacing whatever unlucky creature came before us. What if, all our lives had just been decided with a flip of a coin?

If there is one thing I know completely, is that I am here for a reason. That reason may not be known by me, yet. I am here for a greater purpose, none of this purpose is relied through luck. I was chosen to be here out of the hundreds, thousands, millions that may have come for me. I was planned to be here.

Each day I know this, every moment, I know that my life is decided, not by blind faith, not by luck. It was decided by me, by a higher being, the agreement, of us both, that is my life, and the reason why I'm here. I was chosen.

If there is one thing I know for sure, is that we make our own luck. We do it ourselves, we don't let time do the work, we don't wait for it, we do it right here, right now. All the moments we have, all the hard work is by us and by us only. Nothing else led you there, nothing else led you to your success, or to your downfall, it was all led by you. You made all the decisions, not luck.

If you want to succeed don't let luck do it for you, because it does not Exist. You have to make sacrifices, you have to practice, and practice hard. If you want to be better at something, stand up and do something about it. If you want to make a change, time will not help you, only yourself. Each day you wake up, money won't appear at your doorstep, nor will anyone give to you, you have to make it your own. With it all the things you have done will pay off. Each second you practice, each second you work your ass-off for life, is second lived by your will, by your stand, by what you believe in.

Life is not a gamble, and gambling, everything else you do is not luck. When you gamble, if you want to win, don't base it off in luck, base it in your own wits and intellect on how you would like to pull it off. In games, you outsmart your opponents, you make your opponent base his cards, strategy, plays, and everything else of luck, that's when you know you win.

When you meet successful people out there in the world, living in their millions, or in fact in their billions, and ask them why they are so successful? They would lie and say "Its probably because I'm lucky." and laugh afterwards. But when you look at their face, their hands, you would see wrinkles, faces that seem to have not got a good night's sleep. That is because in reality they worked hard to reach their goal, until now they are working to keep it. It wasn't because luck was given to them, it was because of the endless nights of no sleep and all work, that is because they reached such heights.

Luck is just an excuse for those who can't make their lives better. That is what luck really is, nothing more but a lie, an excuse. You can't blame your miserable life because of bad luck and you can't thank your wonderful life because of good luck. None of those make sense, instead, blame yourself for your miserable life, and turn it around, thank yourself for your wonderful life, and cherish it, with these thoughts your life will be so much better. Because after all what is luck without life?

Do you live your life based off luck?

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