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No would be simplier

Updated on January 28, 2012

No would be simpler

Somehow I'm at a loss

As to how they can make me feel like this

Its not as if I'm weak

Or as if I'm not worth it

No they just don’t care

I'm as smart as I need to be

And you'll never meet a man with a stronger will

But no

To them I'm not worth it

I'm just one step behind all the others

Lost inside myself

And the hope that they might care

But they just lie to me

"No you're more like a brother"

"I cant believe you said that you’re a big squishy teddy bear."

"I'm sorry but I have to focus"

No would be simple

And it would feel better

Why cant they just say no


"I'm to old for you"

If I cared I wouldn’t have asked

But what's that matter when their answers

Are all lies

Or half truths

No would be simpler

And it wouldn’t bring these tears to my eyes

Every single time


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