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No you will not die

Updated on October 5, 2012
Blessing comes in different forms, believe me no matter what you are passing through, it is a way to your own success. Douglas asked that this story be told this way...

The early morning of June 18th was like every other normal morning,woke up said his prayers as usual then shower and off to the street.Little did he knew that he will spend the rest of the day in turmoil. Speeding to evade the morning traffic..Pam! he hit the SUV from behind, fell off from his old bike and landed with head on the tared road, thanks to God he was wearing an helmet but the next thing that hit him as he removed his helmet was not a thunder strike but seems like one, it was not a bolt of lighting but sounds like one, flashes of light fights their way out from his eyes and the voices kept saying...

"You must pay for this light and paint this car... Whether you like it or not"....

Knowing fully well the extent of the damage he caused the SUV people, he begged for pardon but instead slaps and punches kept landing on him like bills of money been sprayed on him.Anyway, after one hour of immense beating and what would be best considered as to hell and back, he lay unconscious while the SUV people drove off.No one cared about this poor young man laying unconscious along the road, the police van passed him more than four times yet did not stop to know what happened to him, a clergy man passed but did not stopped, then came the cattle rares. Cattle matched him from head and all over. The next six hours was the taste of death. But although everything has fallen apart, yet there was this strong voice speaking inside him and that was the source of the energy that enabled him got up.

Pushed his broken old bike all the way from 'almost dead today road' back to his tiny one bed room, no money to buy pain killer or even water forced him to sleep. A sleep that lasted two days.Woke up forty eight hours later with severe pain and headache then came the unexpected. police are searching for man who crashed and broke the back light of his majesty's SUV, it is now all over the news. Ten thousand dollars reward for any lead to him because his majesty wants to see him. With no other option but to turn himself up and meeting his majesty once again, changed the course of his life.

His majesty missed his plane that very day because of him and the thing about this whole thing was that the plane crashed twenty minutes after take off and all 167 on board died.

"You must find that man who saved my life" said his majesty.

What do you want me to do for you? he asked Douglas

Take me to the hospital sir, i am dying

No, you will not die, you will not die; get the best medic in town to attend to him

The next two weeks was the turning point, the news of the man who saved his majesty was all over the nation, newspaper people scrambling to have a glimpse of the nation's newest Rockefeller, Doctors and Nurses pleading for autograph. Anyway, the story did not end at the hospital because a public apology was made to appease his kind soul and the reward for saving his majesty worths the meeting and beating.


The list goes on and on.

"Without this man, i would be dead by now so giving him life is the best thing to do because i would have lost everything but he came from behind and pulled me back, now God has given me a second chance and from now on. This Foundation is dedicated to the empowerment of the poor in honor of Douglas Brooks whom today i crown the Mayor of all the regions on our nation. No building will be constructed along the airport road without his okay and he has the power to hire and fire any contractor for our infrastructural development.


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