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Nobel Prize

Updated on January 2, 2010

Nobel Prize.

Mr Barack Hussein Obama My President. Our President. Long live Mr Obama.
Mr Barack Hussein Obama My President. Our President. Long live Mr Obama.

Nobel Prize

Inspirational words have brought him a long way, including to the night at Grant Park less than a year ago when he asked that we join in the work of remaking “this nation” the only way it’s been done in America for 221 years” block by block, brick by brick, calloused hand by calloused hand”. By now, there are surely more callouses on his lips than his hands, he like every other new president has reckoned with both power and danger and the danger of words. Dangers that are especially greater for the one who wields them as skilfully as he.

A promise beautifully made raises hopes especially high.

“We will revive the economy while we rein in our spending”
“We will make health care simpler, safer, cheaper, fairer and affordable”
“We will ride the world of its most lethal weapon”
“We will turn green and clean”
“We will all just get along”

So when reality bites, it chomps down hard. The Nobel Committee cited his extra ordinary effort to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between people though some of those efforts are faulted by those who wish to tear down the walls, those who favor a missile shield in Poland or a troop surge in Afghanistan or a harder line on Iran, those who see a stretched hand to Hugo Chavez as a threat to America’s safety, those who felt that Fidel Castro’s puppet has emerged the world strongest man.

But even i and my fellow comrades who admire this gentle man from the bottom of our souls know that none of these promises have come true, they are more or less dreams at the moment and a prize for even dreaming them can feed the illusions they have but maybe the prize will give him more power, new muscles to haul unruly nations in line. To me peacemaking is more about diplomacy and as much as many Americans wished a more bully less pulpit President, i wish to chip in my own pint of view about President Barrack Hussein Obama.

My man Obama presides over a capital whose day to day functioning has become part travesty, part tragedy where even the best intentioned reformer measure his progress with teaspoon though contrary to innocent expectation, my man proved to the world that he was not just the Democrat’s candidate rather was the world’s candidate for USA presidency, his victory remains a source of inspiration to many.Many critics have criticized the Nobel Prize awarded to His Excellency and commander in chief but like the Bible said, “A Prophet is not known in his own land”. Few of us might not know him but there is one Man who knows him most, God.

Mr Barrack Obama is a God sent leader and he chose him just like he chose David for the Israelites.

My man did not lobbied for the Nobel Prize as many of you will say “Chicago Olympics” and independent Norwegian entity, THE NOBEL COMMITTEE chose Mr Obama entirely of its own volition, it came his way unasked as my man promptly said UNDESERVED. But with typical graciousness, he accepted, acknowledged the implied inspiration and should move on with the new strength he derived from this turn of fortune’s wheels.

May this wheel bring Mr. Obama and the world a solution to all the numerous problems facing us today and as USA lobby with its new ideas, approach to issues, international policies, they should remember the anguish of the Biafrans in the hands of the Nigeria entities.

For now ladies and gentlemen, let us all derive due satisfaction from this remarkable conscience call in Oslo.

Long live Our President!
Long live Mr Barrack Hussein Obama.


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    • Rossimobis profile image

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 7 years ago from Biafra

      Thank you sir for stopping by but when next you come,do feel at home and spend as much time as you want,my home is your home so let us now walk side by side.You are my brother and i will be learning from me,correct me if i am wrong but considering Mr.Obama a God sent or the anointed lives to prove itself but let me give you few of my honest reasons why i believe in what i said.

      1.The fierce battle during the primaries.(Unbelievable victory)

      2.The night at Grand Park (Destined to be)

      Furthermore, i have a friend,83years old man,he called me one morning and said "Hey! Rossi, you know Obama is gonna win"(During the battle of Titans with Mac Cain), then in my remote village down home, during our days the only giant we knew from the United States of America was Michale Jackson (peace unto him) but believe me brother, my 3years old niece knew that the picture of the man hanging on the wall of my sitting room is that of His Excellency.(What an inspiration)? Of course there is always two ways in every thing but God selects Leaders, he chose those he want to crown kings and he anoints them.President Barrack Hussein Obama is God sent,he was chosen and he is highly anointed. You see sir, there is something about anointing.

      "Anointing of God is moving every where, whosoever believe will never ever lack again".


    • 50 Caliber profile image

      50 Caliber 7 years ago from Arizona

      Rossimobis, Sir! I was looking through your hubs on what to read next and I saw this hub, and decided, against my better judgment, to read it. Now that I have I'm left with a question or two.

      "Mr Barrack Obama is a God sent leader and he chose him just like he chose David for the Israelites."

      What prompted you to this summation? I am in no way leading you to defense, I respect you and your views, I have heard a lot of negativity toward this guy and to hear the other side is but fair as well as new and interesting speak, yes? This is a strong statement regarding him as an Anointed One by Yahweh, my humble opinion. I do participate in Democrat and President bashing on various topics, but make no mistake that I do believe in bashing the Republicans as well. I also believe that we as a nation should set our selves free of both parties and meet together as ONE nation, UNDER GOD, Indivisible, with PEACE and JUSTICE for ALL. That said I must hang my head in shame for bearing false witness against this man. What I said may well be true but I do not stand on a solid rock of knowledge when I say it, it's on a soft sand that is blown from where the wind comes to wear it is going. That said I have read or watched the daily news from time to time over 5 decades and longer if I count the time my dad made me sit and watch, but I know exactly where I sat when JFK was shot. I was sad, and if it happened again, well I'd be sad again, the nation was struck hard over JFK, not 1 party but all parties and I would hope they would feel raped again if it were to happen, the nation has changed a lot since then but I hope not in that way. It was shortly back maybe 6 months I heard a Cuban man say John Kennedy got what was coming to him, the first time I ever heard anyone speak in favor of the incident, he said that the Bay of Pigs, with Kennedy's actions and inaction's caused his family much grief by abandonment, so there is always two sides to stories.

      Obama split the 1.4 million he received between 10 charities and I view that as good and the right thing to do, But in the steps of Le Duc Tho (joking at the time we called him Le Duck Throw because we were ignorant of how to say his name) in 1973 declined the award because there was no Peace in Vietnam. We have the same environment now. I did not, how ever see the presentation and the receiving of the award so it may have been received quite humbly. I understand he wrote his own speech and I did not hear it either. I now live separated from the world and go months at a time with out turning the TV on at all. So the news I get is from the computer if I bother with it at all. I am burnt out on BAD news. Anyway I've overstayed my welcome.

      Be Well, God Bless, Peace out