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Updated on July 27, 2017

YES, I am heartbroken

She finally left me without a word

I am deficient, I think –

She is not the one for me

But who then is the one for me?

Oh! I know her. I know the one that is meant for me;

She is beautiful

She is brilliantly gorgeous; always with a bright smile

She is the best companion I ever have had,

She knows when to cuddle with me,

She knows when to be silent.

She is perfect, just so perfect

Who is she?

A God fearing damsel, who does not walk away,

When I am unfaithful and unpredictable.

When I become moody, she understands me

She knows all about me,

Even to the scar at my back

And yet, she never has seen my naked body

She knows all my siblings, even the distant relations

I tell her my dreams – Yes, everything

She loves me with all her heart

Her heart, it is in my possession

I love her too, she is God sent

She stays, always in my heart, hanging around my tender heart

Waiting to be there for me when I am troubled

She is one in a million

Who is she?

She is here, here always

Here in my heart, my soul,

My spirit seeks hers all the time

Our love is not ordinary

Even the creator is in support of it

He guides us dearly whenever we are together

He is with us through thick and thin –

We face a lot of trouble, and we scale through

I do not know how, but we just scale through

No regrets

No retreat, no surrender

Here she is, the love of my life

She is here again, with me

See her standing beside me

I am angry with her, but –

Beside me she stands, with her unconditional love

Waiting for me, until I realize my mistakes

She is just so awesome

I love her

She is nobody!


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