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Nobody the sufferrer

Updated on March 11, 2017


The moon smiled and the stars blinked,
In a room filled with laughter glasses clinked,
Peacefully in deep sleep the children enjoy the night,
While a nobody searches for hope against darkness's might,

Somewhere with grandeurs the kings are crowned,
Somewhere people are searching for the treasure that drowned,
Somewhere people live in a land of laughter and never weep,
Whereas a nobody sits n silence, searching for answers deep,

Somewhere is a place where the sun shines bright,
A place where even to every wrong people do right,
Somewhere when the sun had set in the West,
A nobody was denied his best,

In a place where friends gather,
Where people to each other are tether,
In a place where to mood and music the crowd shuffles,
A nobody's shrieks were muffled,

Beneath the blue sky, a land full of life,
Where everything is in abundance that is needed to survive,
In a place where the golden grasslands with the winds sway,
A nobody silently passed away.....


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