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Nocturnal Party

Updated on April 26, 2016

Nocturnal Party

The wind blows,
The wind howls,
As I sit and stare,
Into the mesmerizing shades of orange and pink,
That light up the evening sky,
As the sun sets,
And the moon rises to take shift.

The children are all tucked into cozy beds,
For the day is done,
The night takes flight,
As the crickets chirp a harmonized tune,
It's time to start the nocturnal party.

Wolves howl in worship of the moon,
As cats scream in the distant shadows of darkness to a violent salsa,
Owls hoot in eery rhythm,
As bats soar through the shimmery black sky in a swift tango.

The stars twinkle in delight,
The moon shines a light to watch and guide Earths creatures of the night,
Keeping guard of children's dreams,
Until the sun begins to rise and the nocturnal party slips back into hiding.
When the moon rises the nocturnal party shall begin once more.


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