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Nomad (poem)

Updated on June 23, 2013


Hidden from you and your judging eyes

Hidden from you and all of your lies

Hidden from them and their petty torment

Hiding from them for all that it’s meant

Hid for so long, forgot why I was there

Hid for so long that I forgot how to care

Hid from her because she was too real

Ran because of the rage she made me feel

Pushed her away because she was getting too close

Fled when she said she loved me and I froze

So filled with rage when she didn’t come home

With two broken hands I sat all alone

She begged and she pleaded when I said goodbye

Thought that would teach her to cheat and lie

Running away from the problems of today

All of my worries thrown into the fray

Across the country and back again

Never really knowing a true friend

You may think that my life is sad

But I've chosen this life of a nomad

Stay for a while as long as it’s fun

If reality sets in, then it’s time to run

Never own more than you can pack in a day

Don’t get to close, you know you won’t stay

Friendships don’t last, mounting loss and torment

Real human connection is all you will forfeit

Sacrificed for a life of freedom, but freedom won’t last

Eventually you will have to be caught by your past

Start a brand new life in a brand new town

No one there had ever seen you around

Be whoever you want to be

Forgetting which one of me is really me

North, East, South, and West

Never knowing which direction is best

Believe it or not, wouldn’t trade my life

For a house and a car or some kids and a wife

My life is simple, streamlined and pure

Never believe that settling down is a cure

Living life every day on my terms

Until the day I become food for the worms


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