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Nonsense Rhymes for Kidz

Updated on September 30, 2012

Rhyming an ancient 'art'

Rhyming has been around, probably since the dawn of civilization as we know it. It is still strong today - because it works! Rhymes have a way of burrowing into your psyche and entrenching themselves there. Case in point, how is it that you often cannot remember what you said that was so very vital and important in that meeting last week ... and yet the words of those 'nursery rhymes' you learnt as a small child are still etched in indelible ink in your memory, never to be erased?

Let's face it - rhymes, for the most part, are just plain fun. What better way to entertain, teach and amuse the special children who are in our life.

Here's some 'random' rhymes written for my grandchildren who never cease to amaze and enchant me.

George the Cat

George the Cat was round and fat

He sat by the fire on a big red mat

He loved to sleep and dream of fish

For lunch or dinner they taste 'delish'!

Bumble Bee

I'm a humble bumble bee

working for my hive

Without the special work I do

the plants would not survive

I gather pollen here and there

helping make the honey

that's full of therapeutic powers

and best of all it's yummy

Night Sky

Night sky


Southern Cross

Shining bright

Still and quiet

Town asleep

Street lights sparkle

Possums creep

Shadows deepen

Clouds drift by

Soft breeze whispers

Clear night sky

My Street

My street is so exciting

Something happens every day

I love it that I live here

Never want to move away

My house is on a corner

And there's bush across the street

With lot's of birds and wild life there

It's really kind of neat

In the morning and the evening

Lots of people come and go

In the afternoon the school bus stops

And the kids all wave 'hello'

I like to sit on my front porch

As evening starts to fall

It's quiet and peaceful all around

You can hear the mopokes' call

Copyright - Marion Drury (c) 2010 - All rights reserved.

Hope you enjoyed these nonsense rhymes. Thanks for reading my hub.

Nonsense poems for kids


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    • Marion Drury profile image

      Marion Drury 2 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Thank you billybuc. That is so encouraging coming from you.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 2 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Nicely done my Australian friend. You have a knack for this. :)