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Noontime At McDonalds

Updated on June 5, 2013

My wife had a business meeting today after a bike class at the gym. The meeting place, your friendly neighborhood McDonalds, or Maccas as they say in Australia.

I opted to have a coffee and raisin toast in a quiet corner and reflect on life in the universe. I soon found myself caught up in the people coming in and out of this world famous fast food joint.

Noontime on a Saturday. All I can say is I should have been charged for the entertainment value. Spoke to a young Australian lad who was on break. He had to wear a t-shirt over his uniform. It was looking like lady gaga with a black bar over her eyes. You know that look! I asked him who it was. Typical teenager shrug of duh, i don't know.

However, i had found out that teens make $14 per hour at maccas! A far cry from the USA wages!

It was balloon day today. All of the kids got balloons. The girl handing them out did not even look at me. I wanted one!! Well, my wish was granted. She actually tied it on my wrist. Happy day! Her name was "Trainee".

She was actaully one of the happier employees at this Maccas! Most looked like zombies from a Stephen King horror movie. The girl wiping the tables was barely awake. This is the generation that will be supporting me when I retire!

It got very busy as it does at lunch time. What was interesting was the amount of electronic devices being used. What ever happened to people enjoying the moment. Moms and dads texting away as their kids just sat and stuffed fries in their mouths. I saw two parents actually get annoyed that their kids wanted their attention. How dare you interuppt my important text! It's not as if they are texting a million dollar order to E.F. Hutton! Although this is indictive of most of society these days with their constant texting! I'd just love to bang into one of those idiots texting and walking with their heads down!

Still, most of the people were overweight. Shocking, isn't it! I actually made a video about the hamburgers in Australia vs the US. It is in this hub. The Australian beef is actually very good and better than the US. But, as i suspected, Maccas can still mess up good beef!

Well, business meeting all done and we are off to our next adventure. We are passing on lunch at Maccas!


Taste Testing at McDonalds!


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    • LVidoni5 profile image

      Brian Loewer 5 years ago from Portland, Oregon

      Haha, very funny. It's true what you said about cell phones. I even wrote a hub about texters looking like zombies, though the Maccas by my house is the senior citizen hang out spot. Texting seems to be less of an issue there. Funny video too!

    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 5 years ago from south Florida

      Funny hub, Steve, but you better watch your back, mate, the company has hit men in every country. Heh, heh.