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Nostradamus: The Secret Quatrain: Chapter 4

Updated on November 9, 2012
Nostradamus: The Famous Mystic and Predictor of the Future.
Nostradamus: The Famous Mystic and Predictor of the Future.

Monday Afternoon.

I leaned my head against the train window. Straining to look along the train. Far in the distance the tall black form and brilliant white spikes of the masts, the Sears Tower loomed above the center of Chicago.

Half an hour later the train spilled its human cargo out into Union Station.

I huddled in the mass of people as we made our way into the concourse building. Many broke away to baggage claim. I made my way up the marble and limestone stairs, famous in the movie "The Untouchables", out into the warm late summer air and noise of a late summer in Chicago.

Across the street and down the next block I dashed. a quick glance around I ducked into the subway station and bought a ticked to O'Hare. A clatter and a roar told me a train was coming into the station. as I dashed through the corridor and down the steps.

I jumped into a carriage and stood. Looking alng the platform through the open doors.

Damn when was this train going to leave?

The doors slowly clattered shut and the train lurched out of the station.

The carriage was full of the usual groups of people. Teens, listening to music on iPods, executive types going from the city, people huddled down with suitcase like me bound for the airport. The train rocked and clattered, carrying this cosmopolitan brood out of the city.


O'Hare airport soon appeared on the horizon.

On arrival I walked up the incline towards the station exit. Most people turned left toward the airport terminals. I turned right toward the bus depot.

There would be a bus leaving the depot in a couple of hours for South Bend Regional Airport. I would be on it.

I bought a ticket and noticed the ticket sales woman had a telephone.

"May I?" I asked, pointing to the telephone. "My cell battery died and I want to call my wife."

She looked a little quizical. I waved my now switched off cell phone in the air.

"OK." She said, "But can you keep it short. We're not supposed to."

"Just arrival time ." I smiled.


I dialled quickly. The phone at the other end rang and rang. "Damn!" I muttered. Then She picked up.

"Hello Honey." I said as naturally as I could. ""Will be on the bus at the airport at eight forty-five. Meet me?"

I heard her girlish giggle at the other end. "Sure Honey. See Ya!"

We hung up the call.

"Thanks" I said to the woman again.

"You leave Stand four." In about thirty minutes."

I nodded and moved towards the stand indicated.

No-one seemed to be following me.

The bus arrived and the driver leeapt down to tthe roadway. The few passengers handed him their tickets as he carefully stowed their luggage in the compartments below the bus.

"South Bend Airport" I said as I handed him my ticket.

"No bags?" He asked.


I said as I climbed into the bus.

Thre bus wound its way out of the airport onto the freeways and into the city trafic of a workday evening. I found myself dozing again as the bus hummed and purred its way out of Chicago towards Indiana and Ann


The bus pulled into the access road on the airport right on time. Eight forty-five in the evening. It was getting dark some blue hung in the sky but was fading fast as I stretched my now aching legs as I walked down the steps of the bus.

Turning left I walked into the airport building. I didn't see her .

Ann would have been there a few years ago. She was always early when we met.

A hand touched my shoulder. I started.

Then came a soft voice.

"Honey. You're home., I missed you".

Turning I fell into Ann's openingarms. There she was again. In my arms.

Ann was tall, as tall as me. Her blonde hair fell in curls over her shoulders. Her bright blue eyes danced brightly over my face. Her lips pressed against mine, like they had when we were something else other than the best team of agents in our department.

Her body leaned in against me. I kissed back. As my arms wrapped around her waist.

We held each other for a long time. Looking. Remembering.

"I cooked you dinner." she said. "You're favorite. Let's go home you must be hungry?" Then with a smile she added, "I know I am."


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