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Nostradamus: The Secret Quatrain Chapter Two

Updated on November 6, 2012

Nostradamus: The Lost Quatrain

Nostradamus | Source

The First Week

After receiving a secret text and visiting a mysterious website. I found my computer hacked, and received a warning that I was now being hunted.

I took to the hills and there plotted what to do next.

All the time wondering what the secret quatrain meant.

When Two Score and Four,

Sits beneath the Eagles claw.

Two Thousand and Three times Four,

Fire and Storm on the Earth shall pour.

Friday, September 2.

I woke early. The cabin had been comfortable for the past few nights. High in the hills above the small town of Warthan. No-one seemed to have been around and I was growing tired of isolation.

I packed up a few things into my truck. Deciding I had to go down into town and speak to someone.

I'd need cash and wanted to find out what was happening.


Warthan is one of those small towns that litter the west. A few Mexican stores selling lingua and tequilla, two stop lights and a Starbucks, next to the bank.

Half way down Main Street stands Ramon's barber shop.

Ramon was sat in his usual chair, face covered with a newspaper as I walked in. He jumped quickly to his feet, 'Hi, Dude. What you been doin'?" He asked.

"Npthin' much. Been out of town a few days." I answered.

"Cory says there have been folks looking out for you!" He said.

Cory, the town police chief, asking after me?

"Did he say who?" I asked.

Cory is the type of guy you want as a police chief in a small town. He knows when to talk and who to talk too. He didn't take too eagerly to outsiders asking about locals. Especially when the outsiders didn't share anything with him.

"No," said Ramon, "They were here all the beginning of the week. Looking round, talking to folks in general. No idea where they are now."

"Thanks." I said. "Can you spare some cash?" I went on. "Cam't use my card, the ATM ate it llast week. I'll give you a check and you could hold my truck too."

"OK," he said, "How much do you need?"

"Ten thousand." he gulped and laughed. I'll need to go the bank for that. Care to wait?"

I sat in his chair and half covered my face with his newspaper, as he disappeared out of the door towards the bank.


I knew that I needed to move on.

The best thing would be to get away from town.

As I filled my wallet and back pack with the cash. I thanked Ramon. Handed him the keys to my truck and the check.

"Don't mention I was here." I said.

"Course not." He gave a wave of his hand. As I left and walked towards the bus stop.

It was moving on to eleven in the morning as I got onto the bus. Amtrak, I said to the driver handing over the seven dollar fare. "Be there at four." she said.

"four?" That would mean I would not be able to catch the train for Washington DC tonight.

I had not planned on having to stay in Los Angeles overnight. But now it seemed I would be forced to do just that.


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