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Running Late, Rainy Day

Updated on November 4, 2014

Do I see the bus

Finally the Bus

OMG I'm late

  • Moonie and Haddie enjoyed getting together with their friends, Sam and CiCi, at the pub, have a few beers. They usually meet on the weekend.
  • He got a text, from his friend Sam, saying the new movie is playing at the cinema, would he like to meet him (Sam) and his girlfriend CiCi, at the cinema, it was the later movie.
  • Moonie texted his friend Sam back, to say he had to work the next day, this is a weeknight, the cinema was a distance to drive.. Moonie thought it over, thinking how much he and his girlfriend Haddie both wanted to see that new movie that was out.
  • He then texted Sam back, saying he will go to the movies, as long as they don't stop at the pub for some drinks afterwards. Sam agreed.
  • Well, things began going wrong right from the start for Moonie. Texting Haddie, to be sure she would go with, wasn't replying, he couldn't get hold of her, but Moonie knew time was on his side, since it was a later showing.
  • Haddie finally texted Moonie saying how excited she was to go see the movie with him and friends CiCi and Sam. Great, Moonie texted, also made plans on what time she should be ready.
  • The movie was great, all was saying, after it was over. Sam and CiCi were so glad they invited their friends along. The feelings were mutual from Moonie and Haddie; but Moonie was watching the time and thinking of shortcuts to drive Haddie home before going home to his apartment. He had an early morning coming his way when he gets up for work the next day.
  • He knew he was low on gas, when he picked Haddie up before the movie, why, kept going through his mind, didn't he just get the gas before that movie, so Haddie showed him a shortcut home and Moonie managed to get home by 1:30 a.m. exhausted and quickly fell asleep.

Buzz went the snooze alarm, (5 a.m. came quickly) as his hand reached out to tap the button for an extra 10 please; off to sleep he went, being exhausted from late night the night before.

That dang movie didn't end till after midnight, the long drive home, on those city streets, hitting just about every red light at each corner. The thought of being low on gas at this time of night (or morning), just about aggravated every nerve. The clouds were forming, to what appeared to be rain, no, he thought, this is just a pass over, as he parked his car outside his apartment

The 10 went by so quickly, this couldn't be, he just shut his eyes, he mumbled to the snooze alarm, he wants 10 more. Quickly his eyes shut , once again.

Buzzzz, what time!? This can't be, as he jumped out of bed, tripping on his shoes, that he left at his bedside, when he staggered in last nite. Quickly shower, not enough time for coffee, dressed and out the door he ran to his car.

Running late! Not enough gas, yes that thought ran by him late last nite, car won't get me to work.

What? Take the bus? Well that's about a block away. (Just might make it, if he jogs). Yeah, that's what he'll do. Out of the car he jumps. Just as he goes a few, raindrops. Raindrops, is that what just touched his shoulder, could these dang drops be coming from that cloud he saw last nite, the cloud he hoped was a passover. What the? , rain all over my head, why did he even shower, he thought, with more rain just pounding down on him. Keep jogging, he thought, as he continued down the block. Good, he sees the bus, hoping, it will wait, as he doesn't have far to run. Dripping wet , running, he flags to the bus driver, please wait. He approached the bus, whether right bus or wrong bus, he got on.

The bus headed up the block, heading toward his apartment, at which, he decided to get off, wet as a drenched tree limb. His apartment welcomed him, once again, this time to dry him off and to begin his day a little later in the morning, after the rain stopped, he walked to gas station to get gas so he could drive to work.


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    • Bidd Waxx profile image

      Barb Schindel 3 years ago from Wisconsin

      Thank you jhamann, for your thoughts.

    • jhamann profile image

      Jamie Lee Hamann 3 years ago from Reno NV

      Even though I need gas sometimes I procrastinate until the last panicky minute! Thank you for sharing. Jamie