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"Not In The Mood" by Eric Wayne Flynn

Updated on April 7, 2014

"Not In The Mood"

Not in the mood

Too lazy to search for one

Sitting back on the bus

Staring at the sun

Enjoying the ride

I don't mind the bumps

Pock marks on pavement

Acne on asphalt

Reminders of our toughest winter

I would usually dodge em

But hey lady drive into the Grand Canyon for all I care

I got a head full of bricks

A heart made of stone

And a set of brass balls

I can survive a crash

N I'm used to trippin

I enjoy my falls

Yelling on the way down

And the way back up

Roller coaster riding

Paying my price of admission

Doing my act of contrition

While not giving a fuck

About what you think

As long as you are thinking

About some thing worth a damn

Shut your eyes and drift out

Miles from a sure thing

A blurry wave

Dances just for you

Sail away with me

You will see it too

We can talk about what it's like to drown


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