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Not Personal but Objective

Updated on July 15, 2016

Not Personal, but Objective

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Interesting, when agreement isn’t reached or belief is contradicted, how angry and defensively aggressive people become. Here on Hubpages is no different, and yesterday I had an altercation with another Hubber, not because of his view but the attitude and intent behind it.

Hubpages is a wonderful platform for expression, critiquing and learning from writers of all levels of experience and knowledge. It is a blessing to have this resource and feedback. I believe we have something to teach one another and I am open to anyone’s view. If it resonates and gives me something to consider I take it on-board, and if it doesn’t I simply thank them for their time and opinion. However, an arrogant person whose intent it is to tear you down, belittle you or simply force their view on you for the sake of ego is unacceptable.

Anyone that is negative in attitude and has ulterior motives should not use the Hubpages platform for their personal agendas and venting their issues. This is of course counterproductive. Opposing views can be debated and are welcome as I said we are all teachers and students. But it is the manner in which this is done that is in question.

The conceited arrogance that one person definitively knows life and esoteric knowledge better than anyone else is why the world is in such conflict. We can, through experience and knowledge, conclude and form beliefs. But trying to enforce those beliefs on anyone else as irrefutable truth turns those beliefs into dogma. This proves the person is not open-minded and therefore limited. What are worse, personal issues like problems of self-worth, abandonment and others often manifest as bravado and arrogance, hiding the true nature of this problem of negativity.

This is my take on the issue, not a stance of truth or anything else. I just think that this negative behaviour should not be on Hubpages. This seldom happens and I have found the community welcoming and my connections both warm and worthwhile to me personally and my writing. Critique is an important and necessary part of developing the quality and content of our work and for me it is invaluable. But let’s not make it personal, but objective.

The world has always been in chaos because of dogma and the belief that one view is above others. This deluded thinking is both arrogant and stupid and beyond anything else reveals a person’s failings and ineptitude. We can often be motivated by subconscious fears and unresolved issues. These creep into our lives and our words creating opposing forces and strife. Our beliefs and understandings of course come out through our written expression, but we must be careful we don’t cross the line. If we then attack another writer personally because of opposing belief we are knee-jerking what should be a valuable and worthwhile interaction.

So in conclusion I would just like to say that we share a great deal on Hubpages and let’s not let a few antagonists spoil it for everyone by being personal not objective.


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