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Not Undermining the Words of the “gods” And “goddesses” #5

Updated on January 8, 2021

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


He was kidnapped when he was six years old and spent fourteen years with them. recently those kidnappers noticed that there was no inflow of money from those people, they initially thought of killing him, and every arrangement to kill him has been concluded until something

Changes their mind about five days ago because their leader says, someone has been pursuing him about in his dream and even when he sits with his eyes wide opened, he will suddenly shout. His colleagues have made inquiries into what is happening to their master

And they were told by the powerful man that they used to contact that they must not kill the young man with them and should return him to his island for when he gets to his island that is when they will also have peace but if they do not do this and killthe young man, they

All would die since they do not want to die and according to what one of them says they have not signed contract to kill the baby before, why killing him now. That was what brought about the change of heart because none of them want to die, and they have brought him to the

Entrance of the island, telling him to go straight and any house he gets to, he should ask that he wants to locate the house of the chief priestess of the island and they will take him to his mother. His mother could not believe her ears when she was hearing her son speak. She

Examined him from head to toe, replying that she is the chief priestess of the island, and her mother. They embraced themselves as he was happy to be reunited with his parents. After the son has been safely return to her, she says she can now go and meet her husband in peace

Telling him that the gods have repeatedly been saying that he is not dead and that he would return to the island safely, but she does not believe again after she has done all that she could do with no changes, she has left all hopes. And when she wants to accommodate the

Woman and her son living with her, the gods have stated that if she wants her prayers to be crowned with speedy answers she should accommodate those people. She though reluctantly yielded to accommodating them, but she thanked the gods, the spirits of the gods

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And her stars that she did not ignore what was told her, and now what they spoken of about fourteen years ago has come to pass. The young man starts to take care of the child like his own sibling. In the meanwhile there was pandemonium in their island when the pregnant

Woman could not be found. Her husband has sent away his two wives telling them until his wife is found they should not step into the house. Thence, those two wives regretted their actions. The child takes the young man as his father and starts listening to him as his father,

Calling the woman his grandmother. His wife decides that she will not marry another man again, saying her prayer is that her son becomes mighty on earth as it has been prophesied by the goddess of fertility. The wave of changes that is spreading across the globe also blows

Into their island, and they embraced education. The child was enrolled alongside with others, and he started making waves academically among his peers. His foster parents financial status have also changed because people have known what happened and they have

Given him an award in the island. She becomes one of the right-hand person of the King of the island and was being heavily paid by the King of the island. Her son too has learnt some of the works of his late father and people are worshipping them as small oracles of the

Gods. Through this they do not lack anything that money could afford. The boy of yesterday becomes big and gains admission into institution of higher learning. His foster parents sponsored him to school and he makes it academically....



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