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Not a Good Day for a Hurricane!

Updated on November 26, 2012

Ever Know What it is Like to Dodge A Bullet?

Not a Good Day for a Hurricane!

Late Summer’s here, and while you were enjoying it for no particular reason,

It up and turned into…the middle of the Hurricane Season.

Listen to the Weatherman forecast peril by the minute,

A Hurricane’s-a-coming, and the path it’s taking…Well, we’re in it!

Batten down the hatches, and cover up all your windows,

You don’t want to be around to see how fast its’ wind blows.

Big Gulf Coastal city, you lie too close to waters edge and the Bay,

Too bad we can’t pick you up and move you for a day!

The News progresses as it builds up in the Gulf Warm Waters,

Stand by to evacuate all your family…Grandparents, Sons, and Daughters.

Try to wrap up all your business, and then go home and pack,

Lock the doors, grab your pet, head for high ground, and don’t look back!

Wait…on the Morning News it appears it veered off another direction…

Later that day on the Nightly News…appears a complete contradiction.

So now…It is a 50/50 guess as to where it will come ashore…

Next day, each local will scramble to buy plywood, and water at the store.

This could be the “Big One” should it slow down and intensify,

Or could be another bullet that we dodge…as it passes us by.

The problem is wherever it misses…It strikes someone else…somewhere,

Sometimes…It makes a complete surprise turn…catching people unaware.

Now…It all comes up to the Eve…of when it will attack…

Looks like it will turn Northwest…The monkey’s off our back!

But we can anticipate a lot of rain…and maybe even a flood…

Expect a couple inches, not good when the ground’s saturated mud.

So…the day approaches that once was marked for a Hurricane,

And people go about their business…Out in the pouring rain.

Looks like this one missed us…We can start to breathe again,

Turns out after all…It’s just not a good day for a hurricane!

[Poem Written and Dedicated to July 23, 2008]


Copyright © 2009


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