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Not a Love Poem

Updated on February 17, 2017

This is not just a regular love poem.

“Roses are red; violets are blue…” I’m sure you all know them.

Because I’ve fallen in love but not like that,

With this kind of love, you don’t need a woman, or a man.

No, because, let me tell you why.

In a relationship, the heartbreak isn’t something I can take,

After all, I’m just a guy.

I’m shy, I don’t want to cry, and I’m just trying to get by.

After all, I’m just some guy.

And no matter how hard I try, I can’t fly, not even high,

And at the end of the day my heart is fried.

A significant other is like no other,

As long as there’s love for one another.

But sometimes love is wrong.

You don’t get along, and it’s the opposite of a love song.

The love I mean is something different.

A feeling that might even be greater than that of traditional love.

Have you ever been in love with a friend? Maybe more than one?

Its an even greater feeling that compares to almost none.

They’ll pick you up and keep you there,

Flying so high, with no reason to tear you down.

I’m in love with my friends, I wish I could marry them.

They have no reason to get mad or sad.

Just glad.

Happy for me.

A friend watches so proudly, cheers so loudly,

My biggest fans, asking for nothing in return.

No gifts, no special occasions, no Valentine’s Day.

Hanging out all the time, and I’ll never pay!

To no end, I’m in love with my friends.

The feeling is indescribable,

It’s a relationship with many,

A brotherhood.

A bond until death, until my very last breath,

Someone will always have my back.

I never have to be alone again.

So I tell you, that no matter what you do,

Find yourself a crew, not a boo.

You will never wonder who, and you’ll never need a clue.

Because when you’re in love with your friends,

They’ll always be there for you.


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