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Not fallin

Updated on December 17, 2012

Not fallin

And theres no hope for nothin

Not for you and me

It feels like your a thousand miles away

I love you with every ounce of my heart

And my soul

But now its turning black

My Souls tainted with sorrow

Knowing we will never be together

Your so far away

And your love hinges on such a thing

That may never happen

Or maybe you just missed it

Now I feel it

I see it

This black blue soul of mine

There's a little red

Its the anger I have

Every time I see others

In love

Their so happy

And I feel it

Its jealousy its anger

Its just not who I wanna be

So I throw my arms up

Im givin up

Im done

Than I see you

As im stepping off the edge

My heart sputters

And my tears spray out behind me

As you scream

But somehow

I land softly in bed next to you

As you kiss my cheek

And say

“Good night I love you”

I shake myself awake

And im lying in bed all alone

Drenched in my own tears

Your not here

And im not fallin

But I know every day

Im fallin even more in love with you


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