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Not lonely for long

Updated on September 22, 2012
I decided it was time to make my move.
I decided it was time to make my move. | Source

Chapter 1

After finding out that my wife of 10 years was having an affair with a musician friend of mine, I decided to confront her, Why did you feel like you had to cheat on me? I have always been there for you,everytime you needed anything, I did my best to provide it for you Kimberly, so what is your deal? She was shaking all over but it wasn't from fear it was from being pissed off as she replied because I was lonely and I wasn't getting enough attention from you at home or else I wouldn't have had the urge to have sex with Colin.

Colin is a 45 year old man who lives at home with his parents Kimberly, he has slept with half of the ladies in this damn county,could you not have atleast screwed someone decent! I tell you what I love you but this is more than I can live with, I want a divorce and I am leaving my attorney will be in contact with you.

Wait Trey she screamed, please don't do this we can work it out, I replied you damn right we can work it out and we will in court, I can't live with a woman I can't trust and I deserve better and you know it. I yelled as I slammed the door in her face.

I drove off into the cold night air wondering what I was gonna do with what was left of my life, I went straight to the first club I saw went in and ordered a drink.

What will it be said the bartender, I replied give me a Jack & coke and make it a double, I could see my wife having sex in my mind as I sat there sipping my drink,then it occured to me that this was the first drink I have had since I quit drinking around 8 years ago,wow you go right back to the same old bad habits the first time something bad happens Trey.... hell no I am not going to let Kimberly or anything ruin my life I am gonna go back to the old coldhearted SOB that I used to be and I was gonna have my revenge on her for me wasting 10 years of my life... I just didn't know how or when but revenge would be mine....I could literally taste it.

I thought for a minute and it occured to me that Colin was probally still on probation from where he had gotten busted seeling cocaine a year or so ago, Trey you are going to get Colin put back into jail where he belongs I am thinking to myself as I call a musician friend,hey man can you get me a eightball of coke? I ask...yes cocaine...don't ask man can you get it or not, I don't have time to waste. OK I will see you in about 15 minutes.

I cut off my lights as I drove up into Colins parents house then I notice Colins car is gone but the lights are on inside the home, I walk right uo to the front door and ring the bell... yes may I help you, I say hello Mrs. Smithson is Colin home? No Trey he isn't is there something wrong? Oh no ma'am he had just borrowed a CD about a month ago and I needed to get it back I have a show to play this weekend and I really needed to get that CD back so I could learn a few songs off of it, anyway can I go down to his room and grab it, won't take me but a second, Sure you can Trey you know you have always been welcome here anytime, Thank you Mrs.Smithson I won't be but a second, I walk right downstairs into his bedroom and lift a tray out of the ceiling, I lift up one of the trays near the corner of the room and I put the cocaine right up in the roof and slide the tray back, I grab a CD from his collection and I am back upstairs saying goodbye to Mrs. Smithson.

I will have to wait until she is gone to Church or something before I call the police to report that Colin is dealing cocaine again.

Click here for part 2 of Not lonely long.


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  • manthy profile image

    Mark 5 years ago from Alabama,USA

    its gonna be coming soon --- i been working 60 plus hours a wk.. but I am gonna slow down & get back to my writing soon! Thanks for the comments & Roll Tide

  • rmichaelf profile image

    Michael Fielder 5 years ago from North Central West Virginia, where the green grass grows...


    It has been about a year, so I am slowly re-visiting my "old" followers of my other stories... I have a few new ones and you seemed to enjoy the others.

    But, this story of yours? I voted funny and awesome, simply because, well let's just say "[some] ... minds think alike"! We have shared.... something??? in our past :-D

    Waiting for Part 2, if I can't find it here now!


  • MsDora profile image

    Dora Weithers 6 years ago from The Caribbean

    Is this a true story? Since the wife knows clearly why she did it, the husband and wife may be able to address the issue and take measures to correct their faults. I hope that Chapter 2 will feature humility and forgiveness (many divorcees wish they had forgiven). Reconciliation can always come in a later chapter.

  • manthy profile image

    Mark 6 years ago from Alabama,USA

    @ The Frog Prince - Only gonna get worse

  • The Frog Prince profile image

    The Frog Prince 6 years ago from Arlington, TX

    Well written but a bit on the sinister side.

    The Frog