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Not lonely for long part 2

Updated on September 22, 2012

Chapter 2

I picked up the phone and made a call to the police department,I got a detective who sounded like he was just out of the police academy,I told him I knew that Colin Smithson was dealing cocaine again,he replied what make you think that? I said I don't think anything I know he has some cocaine hidden in the ceiling of his room right now.

How do you know that? he replied, I told him I had just bought some from him and I watched him put it there. I told the detective that I was sick and tired of wasting all my money on dope and I needed help getting off of it and as long as Colin was dealing it I didn't stand a chance.Would you mind wearing a wire? he asked, I said that I didn't want him to know who set him up and he said that was ok,he would take care of it evidently I had misjudged the detective, he knew Colin and his shady past.I could just see them putting the handcuffs on the bastard that ruined my marriage and that made me happy,but happiness is fleeting.

Just as I hung up the phone it rang,I picked it up and it was Kimberly,What do you want? I asked her,she said she didn't want us to split up and she would do anything if I would take her back,I told her I would think about it but I doubted that I could ever trust her again and I told her that,she said if I would take her back she would be the wife she was when we first married,that got my attention because for the first 7 years of marriage we never spent a night apart,my head was swimming,I had to really think about this before I made a decision and I told her so,I did love her there is no doubt about that,but could I forgive her?

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