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Not the Idols

Updated on June 17, 2013

Not the Idols

Don't follow idols

As you do me

Faith is not attired

My heaven father

Despise material

Of which, all have succumb

Idols have the power

Making all men weak

A measure of material

When men lack

Faith in me

Material is key


If that is truth to you

You too have come weak

Christian, Pagan

What you be

Material is not key

Speak to me

Show your faith

Not by what you see

Crucifix and star

With power

To their feel

None does matter

Without faith

All considered ideal, idols

Use material

I give it to you

Only to heal your body

Idols cannot heal your soul

As faith does

When you call me

Learn the lessons

Of your idols

Material in your hands

Only evil

Can reach the soul

While they still have your hand

Watch above

Watch below

Disaster comes and goes

To rid you of material

To rid you of your idols

©2013 by Brandon Jared Martin


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