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Neither wealth, nor poverty makes the differrnce

Updated on March 26, 2017
Merouane profile image

I am Merouane.I am an English university student.I have been writing in English for ages: I write short stories, poems, articles, essays.

A king's heir or circumstances' child
Smiled at the life's face or criend
Giving life's real satan or given alms
Born in a castle or in the life's marginalized arms
Wore silk or got kissed by coldness
Garaceful or lifeless
Rode horses or rode sticks
Played with riches or played for bread tricks
All are welcomed by greetings of one feather
All drink from one cup and in one place gather
Why so selfish?
Why so unthankful?
We will in the same place get together
We will sleep there weak, but wake stronger
Then we all will be seen as birds of one feather
By one who is than us greater


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