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Nothing Can Compare To A Goood Nights Sleep

Updated on March 11, 2016

Where Your Whole Body Is At Rest

Relaxing peacefully

Trouble free

Comfort at it's highest level

Where your mind roams constantly

On any thought or thing that pops up

You are always safe

So even if something happens you don't like

You are just a bird in the sky

Watching everything go down

A cloud of love surrounds you

It's not long before those unhappy thoughts have changed

To better thoughts

Evolving in their rightful order

As your breath fills your lungs with oxygen

Your body is being healed of any sickness and problem area

Freedom to go farther than before

More energy like a brand gas station that just opened

Every tank ready for hours of service

Everything is shiny and new

Gas prices dropped to a new time low

One dollar and fifty five cents a gallon

As quickly as people are leaving

Another car is pulling in

No lines

No waiting

Friendly service and more savings inside the quick mart

This is something you don't see every day

What a great feeling

So easy to describe and impossible to hide

As I am awakened suddenly

Our cat is standing on the stereo

Scratching the wall

Why ?

Only our cat knows

I call out

Stop that

What are you doing ?

Hopefully she will stop

Not a chance

She waits for a split second

Giving me a look

Then back to scratching

We usually have a water spray botitle next to the bed

Not this time

We must of taken to another room and not brought it back

As I crawl out of bed

She jumps down and follows me

I can hear rain

It is pouring outside

I add a little more food to her dish

It wasn't empty

While I was in bed I called her to come

So it wasn't she wanted attention

Now up I went the bathroom

Trying to figure her out

I decided to write this hub

She hopped up in the chair next to me for loyal support

After taking a quick nap

She decided now was the time to give herself a cat bath

Back to sleep

I should wake her up and see how she feels

I couldn't be so mean

Well sleepy eyed

Now 5:08 in the morning

I plan on going back to bed

Joining my wife

In one more great sleep

I hope you are giving it a whirl

One of my greatest thrills in life

How great it is

I get to practice it every night


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 23 months ago

      billybuc Enjoy your best sleep it gives you more energy to spend time with your wife and all the things you love. I call it Sleep Power. I am creating a new trend and people don't know yet. It might take three to five years before it catches on. I just have to have patience and know in my gut people will come around. Then I can have my own series called Sleep talk the way we wish things were. For now a lot more sleeping. Practice makes my body s0 excited and full of vitality. Thank you for reading and caring. Michael - Milec Perfect words and perfect timing. Thank you for reading and lifting my spirits higher.

    • Michael-Milec profile image

      Michael-Milec 23 months ago

      A good night sleep is a gift. Six hours or more straight uninterrupted rejuvenate both body and soul. But a spirit remains alert watchful maintening established high standard of vigilance. (The most important.)

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 23 months ago from Olympia, WA

      I've always loved your poetry. This is no exception.

      I've been sleeping fitfully lately and that's not like me. Hmmm...I wonder what's up with that? :)