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Are You Here?

Updated on May 16, 2017

Nothing There

I hear but I am not really here.

This feeling of nothing is unclear.

I wish I was there.

My mind is not sure where.

Mellow & soft, my tone will not change.

My vocabulary is blunt & sturn, no need to rearrange.

For you may not see my feelings but if you listen closely you can tell that something is strange.

My thoughts seem empty.

Caring any less is not in me.

What I say you will just have to deal.

Even though I can not feel my mouth I refuse to seal.

Words that need to be heard you will hear.

One thing is if my feeling returns there maybe regret, I fear.

My heart wants to cry yet my eyes will not form a tear.

Ugh this feeling, well no feeling because nothing is really there.

MINDFULL "When your mind gets heavy and full of thoughts."
MINDFULL "When your mind gets heavy and full of thoughts." | Source

© 2017 Jasmine Mack


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