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No Pants!

Updated on April 20, 2016

I am not wearing any pants,...I AM NOT WEARING ANY PANTS!

I have made a decision just today.

That certain parts of me should be free. And free they should stay.

So it is now, with the greatest resolve I say.

I will no longer wear pants, going forward from today.

I know this is bound to cause concertation.

Among the more conservative of the nation.

But I really feel as though I can not be truly happy.

Unless certain parts of me are hanging loose and free.

I know, it is thought to be quite crude.

To go about with the parts visible ,to which I elude.

But I mean to do it and do it I will.

Whether the results be good or ill.

So tomorrow I will go out no pants and much pride.

My free parts swinging from side to side.

Down the way I go swinging right to left, and left to right.

They will even swing forward if I stop just right.

About a few things I will have to be cautious.

Attention from overly friendly dogs could make me nauseous.

I will have to take care how and wear I sit.

The wrong move here could hurt quite a bit.

I will also have to be careful not to squirm.

Lest some hungry bird mistake my parts for a worm.

I have to go now, I must be on my way.

Down the street I go while parts of me do sway.

So if you see me walking free and I do not your sensibilities offend, send a wave my way.

Certain parts of me will be waving to you ,either way!


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